Elements is a series that completely changes the idea of suction in the kitchen

When design uses technology as a flywheel, small revolutions happen that transform environments. This is what happens with Falmec's Elements, a series of hoods that interpret extractor hoods in an innovative way with three new concepts. The key words are mimesis and multifunctionality: an idea that displaces the hood from its ordinary location and, above all, gives it new functions in the kitchen environment. A simple intuition but one destined to change the market completely. And above all to broaden the interpretative possibilities in a surprising way. Three series are part of Elements: Shelf, Monolith and Air Wall. All three are modular and flexible, capable of disappearing when not needed and reappearing discreetly when in use. All technical parts are integrated into the furniture design and kitchen components in a surprising and rational way. The new Elements will be available from 2023.

Monolith is a modular countertop system

Monolith is a modular system that rests on the kitchen worktop. The 90-centimetre extraction element is flanked by storage modules that can be placed either to the right or left. The accessories are of varying sizes (30, 60, 90 centimetres) and lighten the cooking surface by concealing an equipped channel where tools can be stored: ladles, spices, knives, chopping boards and other utensils, as well as electrical sockets for a kitchen to be lived in total practicality. The suction module opens slightly when in operation to allow suction and access to the lighting and power controls, while the matt black aluminium structure houses a frosted glass front in the vertical part, integrating an ambient light that gives a pleasant hanging effect.

Shelf, the suction shelf

As its name suggests, Shelf is a true suction shelf. Only ten centimetres deep, it is made possible by the Multi-Air technology that allows the integration of extremely thin suction bodies. When the hood is in operation, a veil can be opened to extend its functionality. Shelf is a pure geometric volume made of black painted steel and a black satin aluminium profile that integrates a dynamic light to illuminate the worktop along the entire length of the shelf. Shelf is a hanging system that can be completed with 60 and 90 elements that can be freely positioned to integrate additional functional modules: spice and utensil holders to complete a highly functional workstation. Shelf can be used as a storage element for small objects.

Air Wall: a multifunctional suction wall

Air Wall transforms the back of the kitchen into an element with multiple functions. Extract fumes, illuminate or act as a magnetic panel with tablet holders, spice racks and shelves. When the hood is activated, a flap opens over the otherwise uniform surface. The high-efficiency motor is positioned in the base of the kitchen and is completely invisible. Air Wall will be available in two versions: 120 cm with central suction and 150 cm with off-centre suction to the right or left to meet various needs in the kitchen.