The new, highly innovative Shelf hood fits into the architecture of the kitchen in an unprecedented way

Daring, mixing design and functionality to meet the needs of new lifestyles and housing types. This is the corporate mission of those who want to truly innovate today. And this is the path taken by Falmec, founded in 1981 in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso): technological innovation, design, quality, constructive ingenuity. Hence the idea of a shelf that acts on fumes and vapours when cooking food: Shelf is an innovative choice that fits into kitchen architecture in an original and novel way.

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Meeting a challenge

The strength of a brand lies in its ability to combine refined design and new technologies to perfect the performance of its products: from silent suction to air purification, essential for a healthy and pleasant home environment, improving comfort and the quality of time spent at home. With Shelf, Falmec rises to the challenge.

A hanging system

Falmec's open wall unit system becomes synonymous with design freedom, starting with the 60 and 90 cm add-on modules (which can be positioned to the right or left of the 120 cm extractor unit) that create a more articulated and functional configuration, open to new furnishing spaces. The side modules can be accessorized with a stainless steel tray to hold pots, plants or other decorative objects.

Adaptable to styles and materials

Equipped with a black painted steel frame and black satin aluminium front, Falmec's Shelf is available in a customisable version of the front. The latter, in fact, can be created directly by the designer to adapt to the style and materials of the kitchen (wood, steel, glass, stone and ceramic). To enhance the composition, a Led strip with dynamic light in the lower part of the shelf and along its entire extension, to illuminate the worktop and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Filtering mode...

In terms of functionality, with Shelf Falmec offers a removable smoked glass ceiling with incorporated touch control panel, and offers the possibility of opting between filtering and suction versions. The first solution provides for simple installation, without ducting, thanks to the ultra-compact Multi-Air technology that is only 10 cm thick, and the use of combined Carbon.Zeo filters, which allow for highly effective odour elimination.

...and suction mode

In suction mode, on the other hand, Shelf combines excellent performance and high silence thanks to a powerful motor located remotely inside or outside the home. This version of the Falmec range is also characterised by the use of No-Drop System technology to prevent condensation dripping into the kitchen.

New solutions

Shelf, together with Monolith and Air Wall, is part of Elements, Falmec's collection of new functional furnishing solutions that innovatively interpret the extraction element as part of a modular, multifunctional architecture that is fully integrated into the kitchen.