Venezia Series: Murano glass handles designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

Ambitious projects are always born from the encounter of excellence (industrial, craft, professional), from innovative ideas capable of revolutionising, on a small, medium and large scale, trends in design, fashion and art. The Venezia collection was born from the encounter between design and Italian craftsmanship thanks to the collaboration between three excellences of Made in Italy: Fantini, Venini and Studio Thun have given shape to a unique, industrially unrepeatable product.

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Transparency and fluidity

The handle design of the Venini glassworks conveys all the magic of transparency, the fluidity of colour and the art of Murano glass: the two-tone and filigree handles and those in facetted bevelled glass extend the range of Venezia, a series of taps designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Fantini.

Style, elegance, luxury

The craftsmanship of the glass gives uniqueness to each piece of the Fantini collection with its surprising chromatic effects and material depth. The colour declinations accentuate the preciousness of the series that evokes style, elegance, refinement, luxury, memories of Venetian tales and historical settings. Two-tone handles made with ancient techniques that are distinctive of the Murano glassmaking art give rise to unique pieces that enhance the quality and beauty of the handmade.

Colour combinations

The two-tone handles have a cylindrical shape, a pure and continuous roundness of the edges that makes the fluid effect of the two-tone colour combinations the protagonist: aquamarine/green, amethyst/amber, red/amber that enrich Fantini's Venezia collection. Glass is also the protagonist of the cylindrical ground and faceted versions with a classic and contemporary image, in light blue, amber and white, in transparent and opaque versions. The metal base, flush with the glass body, picks up the faceted texture with continuity.

Photos by Sara Magni and Walter Zerla