The new Onegloss finish from Fantoni designed for the working world with an eye on the environment

If there is a complex world that daily layers innovation and refinement in a sophisticated and versatile blend, it is that of surfaces. A world that has transformed the aptitude for looking ahead, for designing the ideal match between taste and technological demand, into a vocation. Onegloss, Fantoni's new surface, was born from this relentless investigation by a company that has made research and sustainability a point of programme in its multifaceted history. Underlying this is the idea of enhancing the technicality of the furnishing sector, particularly the office sector, and to do so with a product that combines aesthetic requirements with a series of fundamental characteristics for the market.

Onegloss by Fantoni

Fingerprint free and anti-reflective matt finish

Onegloss is first and foremost a fingerprint free and anti-reflective finish. Extremely matt, it is characterised by a low specular reflection of light. An intense matt finish that makes it impenetrable and refined. Soft to the touch, velvety, it gives an understated and versatile elegance. Above all, it is a finish that the company declares to be 100 per cent recyclable, manufactured according to processes that reduce environmental impact. A concept in line with Fantoni's strategy of using materials that are as recyclable as possible and which, with a view to the circular economy, recovers and revalues resources within the production and consumption cycle.

Recycled and recyclable panels

A leader in the production of MDF, chipboard and laminated panels, a protagonist in the international panorama of office furniture and soundproofing systems, with Onegloss the Friuli-based company reconfirms its commitment to the study of materials, finishes and surfaces that become a field of research for interior design and the furnishing world. In the words of Paolo Fantoni, "this exclusive finish applied directly on our recycled and recyclable panels is part of the group's commitment to a cascading use of resources".

Commitment to the environment

Commitment to the environment, moreover, has always been inscribed in the DNA of the company, which, with eight hydroelectric power plants of its own, exploits a resource abundantly available in its region, Friuli Venezia Giulia, feeding 60,000,000 kWh per year into the national grid, allowing an annual saving of more than 30,000 tonnes of CO2. The five cogeneration plants produce up to 30 MW of electricity, covering more than half of the company's electricity needs and achieving an overall energy efficiency of more than 85 per cent.

Recovery and reuse of waste wood

Fantoni is also, and above all, the company that has brought to fruition the innovative idea of cascading use of wood: "A radical idea: to abandon the traditional linear economic model, based on the exploitation of the planet's finite resources and the release of waste into the environment, and to be inspired by the closed cycle of the ecosystem, in which there is no waste. The circular economy envisages that materials, components and products are recovered and revalued within the production and consumption cycle, avoiding the use of virgin raw materials and cutting down on waste'. The recovery and reuse of waste wood allows materials to be given new life, leaving thermal valorisation as the last and extreme stage of a product's life cycle when it is no longer reusable. This practice allows 420,000 tonnes of wood to be recovered each year and transformed into 360,000 tonnes of chipboard.

Solid principles

"Transparency, fairness, trust and security are the principles we cultivate in selecting and dealing with our suppliers, 90 per cent of whom are no more than 200 km from the Campus and the remaining 10 per cent are located within the European Community.