The new sizes of the Marmi Maximum collection are designed for sustainable logistics and to avoid material waste

Hard to imagine, yet the construction sector and architecture impact the carbon footprint in a consistent way. The main problems are the logistics of materials and the supply of raw materials, as well as waste in the moment of installation. It is now a universally accepted fact that the more you act at the origin, the easier it is for an ethical thought towards the environment to really make a difference. Fiandre has been well aware of this assumption since its foundation and resolved to do its part also with its products.

Architecture and construction have a great need for innovative technological solutions useful for supporting a sustainable approach; porcelain stoneware is an excellent alternative to natural raw materials from extractive activities and the industry is making great strides to propose materials for architecture that can respond seriously to the environmental crisis.

The new sizes of the Marmi Maximum collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces were designed with the aim of expanding the possibilities available to the designer, offering solutions that allow to avoid material waste and to rationalize transport and logistics.

The 120X270 cm slabs conform to the minimum height required for habitability and have a thickness of only 6 mm which also makes logistics and installation much simpler and more fluid. The same goes for the 120X120 cm size, which is compatible with the standard measures of the shower tray in many countries. The reduced thickness also makes the Marmi Maximum collection a very versatile tool, also to be used for purposes other than construction, such as the creation of tables, movable partitions, doors, ceilings, backlit walls, seats and bathroom accessories.

The new 120x270 and 120x120 cm sizes are available for different textures of the collection: Alpi Chiaro Venato, Calacatta Statuario, Dark Marquina, Invisible, Pietra Gray, Premium White, Pure Calacatta and Sahara Noir. Each has a precise identity, capable of changing the atmosphere of a living space. Calacatta Statuario, for example, is an archetypal surface: the ivory white crossed by gray veins makes it a material of great elegance. A lighter tone instead for Invisible: a white background, furrowed by thin gray cobwebs, makes it the ideal background for rarefied and sophisticated environments. More material Pietra Gray, with a dark surface crossed by light streaks that become decisive decorations to give a strong personality to the spaces. Or, again in dark shades, Dark Marquina which re-proposes the famous black Marquina marble, with light veins, becoming a perfect material for hyper-sophisticated urban environments. Finally, Alpi Chiaro Venato is of great effect with which to light up spaces with color.

The choice of Fiandre is part of a broader research strategy on ethical and environmentally friendly proposals. The 120x270 and 120x20 cm sizes are also available for other collections, such as Pietre Maximum, in the textures Luna Limestone, Quarzite Vals and Roccia di Lucca, and Il Veneziano in the three colors Seminato Nero, Seminato Beige and Seminato Candido. The range is wide and defines a company that has always been focused on sustainability and the development of an ethical production process. A pioneer among the companies in the district in equipping themselves with plants that do not emit harmful substances or odors into the atmosphere, Fiandre reintegrates manufacturing waste into the production process and its products contain over 40% recycled material, in compliance with the LEED requirement. Furthermore, all products are 100% recyclable.