Casa Maria Luigia by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore, for a stay in a historic home in the Modenese countryside with signature cuisine

Chef Massimo Bottura's guest house in the Modena countryside is not just a signature guest house but a true immersion in the history of the Osteria Francescana, told by its protagonists. A location, to stay in twelve rooms or in the private villa Luigina, with attention to the smallest details and embellished with works of contemporary art, books and vinyls from the owners' private collection.

At the chef's house

Here guests can spend their days among the park's centuries-old oaks and small vegetable garden, swimming pool and tennis court. In the evening, Casa Maria Luigia becomes the theatre where chef Bottura is the protagonist with his cuisine, shared on three communal tables to be transported into a unique food and wine tale.

Philological recovery

In order to breathe new life into the place, the historic building was restored, respecting its original architecture and materials, especially marble and natural stone floor and wall coverings that had shown criticalities due to the passage of time.

Cleaning and sanitising treatment

The outdoor paving in Trani stone, with a polished finish, yellowed due to the corrosive action of time and vegetation, was washed by specialised technicians with Algaenet by Fila Solutions, a rapid anti-algae detergent, which removed dirt in depth, without damaging the material, and sanitised the surface; inside, the paving, ruined by the wear and tear of time, was restored by washing with PS87 PRO, a concentrated biodegradable degreasing detergent effective against stratified grease.

Protection and care

After washing, the natural stone was protected by the application of MP90 Eco Xtreme, a professional, natural-effect, eco-friendly water and oil repellent treatment that reduces the absorption of the material without affecting its aesthetic appearance. The interior stone was finished with MATT, a protective wax with a natural effect, suitable for antique floors.

Environmentally friendly

Fila Solutions' research makes it possible to preserve the beauty of historical dwellings and surfaces, even the most difficult ones in natural stone, in an effective, professional and environmentally friendly manner.

Photo by Stefano Scatà - Top, photo Bertacchini