The Fiorano Modenese-based company launches the new communication campaign "Strong Soul, Natural Essence"

Strong Soul, Natural Essence, a new communication campaign by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, a brand of Iris Ceramica Group, is born from the union between the technological soul and respect for nature: an emotional story about the ability to create materials that reproduce nature, respecting it resources.

The company reproduces rare and precious marbles, stones, granites in the factory while respecting the environment, making use of innovation and research to offer increasingly advanced materials in which design, functionality, beauty and sustainability coexist.

The FMG surfaces, within the countryside, are an integral part of pristine landscapes of which they become a suggestive frame, making the boundary between the work of nature and that of man imperceptible.

Three visuals that make up the communication project and connect FMG surfaces with virgin landscapes: Build a Sense of a Place, in which the large slabs of Verde Persia create continuity between mountain panorama and architectural space. Tuned to the pace of nature, where the majestic beauty of Rosso Lepanto draws scenic backdrops, in harmony with the grandeur of the Grand Canyon; Blend new aesthetic codes, in which Kuroca surfaces interact with the external flora. Strong Soul, Natural Essence embodies one of the key concepts of the brand's vision for which nature is an admired and respected inspiration, and architecture is an elegant and essential replica of it.

Here the link to the communication campaign.