From the meeting of stones and metals comes Maxfine Art Stone

Art Stone by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is the MaxFine surface in technical porcelain stoneware that fuses two worlds together and brings the strength of metals into the stone material. Natural stone is reworked and enriched with a new identity: a harmonious synthesis of past and present, aesthetics and function, innovation and sustainability.





Compact and flexible

Manufactured from the highest quality natural raw materials, processed using the latest technology in zero-emission factories, FMG's large Maxfine slabs stand out for their compactness, flexibility, ability to withstand chemical attack and temperature changes, ease of installation and maintenance, and for their unalterability over time.

Transverse and customisable

With a thickness of 6 mm, the slabs are available in five formats. Extremely transversal, the application ranges from wall and floor coverings to the creation of customised elements for rooms, residential environments, spas and boutiques.

Hypertouch surface

The guiding thread of the colour palette, consisting of Mystic Black, Abyss Grey and Intensive White, is the strong expressiveness of the stone combined with delicate metallic imprints. The Natural finish enhances the details and brings out the essence of the material. For visual continuity and aesthetic cleanliness without the use of plates and switches, Maxfine Art Stone can become a Hypertouch surface that, with the simple touch of the slab and thanks to an integrated system of domotic sensors, allows the switching on and off of lighting, thermoregulation, audio-video and door and window systems.