The iconic model marries biogas technology making it the ideal solution for hotels, restaurants and haut de gamme shops

"I take immense pleasure in giving meaning to forms, a clandestine meaning, a poetry. Without poetry we exist without living. For me, design is the expression of a tension between poetry and need, between graphic art and functionality, between the affective and the rational. Am I a designer? The question remains open...'. This is how Dominique Imbert, founder of Focus in 1968, spoke of himself and his work, which for over 50 years has told a story of creativity, design, art, enterprise. A story that began in the winter of 1967, when, again Imbert recounts "it was very cold in 1967 in my ruin. With pieces of metal salvaged left and right, I made a shape to make fire in it"... giving birth to Antefocus.

Free and creative spirit

This was the starting point of the human adventure of a small company in the Hérault region that has been able to earn the trust of its collaborators and the appreciation of its customers. By ethical choice, all Focus models are manufactured in France, an expression of the brand's original, authentic and characteristic design. Dominique passed away two years ago, but his free and creative spirit has remained, a precious heritage and legacy, in the management that runs the company today, in the workers who forge and work the steel in the Cavaillon plant in Vaucluse, in the staff (employees, dealers and technicians) who animate the showrooms in Viols-le-Fort in the Hérault, in Montpellier and in Serris near Paris.

One design, many energies

Focus means wood-burning fireplaces, but also gas and electric. And in this 2023 Ergofocus turns 40 years old, available today in four versions: wood-fired for indoors (in a glazed version) and outdoors, biogas (methane or LPG) and in an electric version with the new Holographik.

The advantages of biogas

In the gas model, which was presented as a world premiere at World of Fireplaces, a specialised trade fair held in Leipzig, Germany, last April, by passing the fuel through a ceiling plate and then conveying it through an insulated duct inside the firebox, Focus achieves a true technological feat, which also allows the firebox to rotate at 100°.

Ideal for contract use

Inside the firebox, flames dance between ceramic logs. The fire is instantly ignited by remote control, while the intensity of the flame is adjustable. Thanks to its ease of use, the new Ergofocus Gas by Focus finds a place in the lobbies of large hotels, restaurants and boutiques. It allows full freedom of installation on any type of floor covering, especially parquet for which, by maintaining the safety distance, a floor protection plate is not necessary.