At Progetto Fuoco 2022 in Verona the presentation of the new glazed versions of three iconic models, suspended and pivoting. The new fire is energy efficient

A fireplace is an irreplaceable pleasure in a home: a symbolic object with a strong evocative power. From a technical point of view, however, it is considered a biomass heat producer: if the combustion chamber is not closed it is an inefficient tool from an energy point of view. For this reason, the Focus research center has employed enormous resources in the creation of a new range of eco-performing fireplaces: equipped with closing glass panels, the Gyrofocus, Domofocus and Ergofocus, with a registered design, are now Ecodesign certified and classified 4 stars according to the current legislation in Italy.

Eco-performing thanks to the glass panels

A patent has been filed for the technology that is now applied to Focus's most emblematic models, capable of complying with current regulations without distorting the aesthetics: the iconic shapes of the original models have been perfectly preserved, together with the characteristic 360 ° rotation. The glass panels that seal off the hearth are frameless, offering protection from sparks while preserving heat. A technological evolution that began some time ago, which brings the Focus range to a new quality standard for energy performance. In this way, the wood fire is no longer just a pleasant and relaxing ritual, but a real alternative to other domestic air conditioning systems. The 2022 edition of Progetto Fuoco in Verona, the most important fair in the world in the biomass heating sector, will be an opportunity to present three great classics of the Focus tradition transformed into eco-efficient fireplaces.

A bit of history

The Gyrofocus, born in 1968 from the creative flair of Dominique Imbert, is the first suspended and 360° pivoting fireplace in the world. A watershed of tradition, with the Gyrofocus Dominique Imbert has completely overturned the idea of a fireplace in interior design, restoring its centrality and transforming it into a piece of furniture. Icon of the contemporary world, more than 50 years after its debut, the Gyrofocus looks to the future. Available in the glazed version together with the Domofocus and Ergofocus models, today it is an eco-efficient fireplace that complies with current environmental regulations.

Route towards the future

The closed Gyrofocus earned the attention of Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 with a special mention in the "Finishes" category for sustainability. For Focus it is an important recognition, but it is also more generally for the whole biomass heating category, as it demonstrates that wood alternatives can really be considered and perceived as ecological. Energy efficiency is demonstrated by the numbers: the glazed versions of Gyrofocus and Domofocus guarantee an efficiency of 81% and a power of 18 Kw. Data that comfort and justify the large economic investment (six million euros in ten years) in research and development which, together with the production workshop, is leading the Focus range towards the ecological challenges of the present and, above all, of the future.