Artico is the new collection designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. In floor, pendant, wall and ceiling versions

Gabriele and Oscar Burattiwork at different scales of design in a transversal way, ranging from the architecture of buildings and urban areas to interior design, from furniture and object design to exhibition and showroom design, in a path where themes, places, typologies, companies and people, materials and processes intertwine, contaminating each other. For FontanaArte, they designed Artico, a new collection of outdoor lamps.

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Unprecedented proportions, materials and finishes

FontanaArte's collection consists of five typologies: floor lamp in two different sizes, pendant, wall and ceiling lamp in shades of black and white. While starting from a refined geometry, Artico reflects a completely different concept of lamp with completely new proportions, materials and finishes.

The magic of light

"The elegance of shapes, materials and details, together with the magic of light, are the fil rouge of our collaboration with FontanaArte. From Equatore to Arctic, via Meridiano and Tropico, we search for emotion in luminous, elegant and timeless objects%%, the designers explain.

A visible thread of light

The characteristic domed canopy of Equatore, which inspired Artico, has been redesigned, made smaller and made of metal for the outdoor setting. The light, produced by an integrated LED source, is projected in a single direction thanks to the body of the lamp, which becomes a protective container for the technical equipment. A visible thread of light, the slight protrusion of the opal diffuser disc, signals Artico's presence and reinforces its appeal.

Materials and dimensions

Artico is FontanaArte's complete collection designed to illuminate gardens, patios, porches, lounge and dining areas, for villas, public spaces and complex buildings, with lamps with a discreet and elegant presence, reflecting a soft and suffused light. Base, stem and head in painted metal for outdoor use, moulded diffuser in satin polycarbonate. Dimensions: floor version in two sizes (height 81/41cm), diffuser Ø 18 cm, base Ø13 cm - suspension Ø18 x H 13 cm - wall Ø20 x H 13 cm - ceiling Ø18 x H 15 cm.