Rigo by Patricia Urquiola, compositional flexibility and independence of the elements in the bathroom space

For Agape, the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola enhances the importance of design and typological innovation by dismantling the traditional washbasin-countertop-container unit into its functional parts.

Two parallel beams in anodized aluminum running along the wall form the support for the washbasin and accessories such as trays and containers in marble and wood combined in multiple configurations.

Rigo: made in Italy from quality raw materials, with a special hand-crafted care for detail and in keeping with efficient and sustainable production methods, this new minimalist embodiment of the sink-countertop-container unit composition makes for extreme flexibility and has an outstanding ability to adapt to different settings and design needs.

This structurally essential, highly customizable system has a strong identity and an extraordinary aesthetic and material refinement, without neglecting comfort and function. A contemporary synthesis of the traditional bathroom environment.

At a glance

What is it?
With its architecture-inspired approach, Rigo breaks down the traditional unity of washbasin-worktop-container in the bathroom into distinct functions, so giving rise to a structurally synthetic and highly customizable system.
What is the design concept?
The idea of separating the whole unit into its component parts aims to achieve greater compositional flexibility and independence of the elements, making the product easily adaptable to the most diverse design, functional and aesthetic settings.
How it is made?
The anodized aluminum structure consists of two parallel beams that run along the wall and define the supporting surface on which to arrange the washbasin and accessories in marble and wood.
How it is produced and where?
Like the whole Agape range, it is a product made in Italy from quality raw materials with finely crafted details, efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, guaranteed by LEED certification.
How is it made?
Although it does not require high-tech processes, the Rigo system is profoundly innovative and an expression of tested and guaranteed high-quality craft processes.
Why is it special?
Typologically, Rigo innovates one of the commonest components of the bathroom environment: the sink-countertop-container composition. This has been rethought on architectural principles such as “structural honesty”, the independence of the elements and great flexibility.
How is it?
Architectural, functional, modular.
The designer says...
“Rigo grew out of an interpretation of architectural elements: two beams with simple and elegant lines support various elements enabling the countertop to be personalized. The world of design is also found in the essential aesthetics of the structure’s materials: wood, marble or aluminum.”