Doraff by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio for Alessi. A friendly object that will stir children’s imagination

Alessi’s new chair grew out of Ben van Berkel’s experience of parenting. In the imagination of little kids, it can be at once a chair, a table, a giraffe and a little dog. “Doraff is a new type of playful furnishing combining the forms of two animals to create a versatile object for children,” explains the Dutch architect. “Children can imagine they’re riding a giraffe or playing with their dog, or, being light, they can easily turn it over and use its surfaces of different sizes to play, read and eat on it. Doraff is a hybrid between a piece of furniture and an emotional object, as well as a designer product that can be used in different situations.” It is made of 100% recyclable thermoplastic resin: a way of sensitizing parents and new generations towards sustainability. Colorful, tough and safe, it is designed to ensure total stability when used as a seat by children. It measures 67x55x28h cm and comes in three colors: red, light blue and yellow. It can also be used outdoors and is totally washable.

At a glance

What is it?
A multifunctional seat for children with playful shapes, designed to stimulate the imagination.
What is the design concept?
Creating products for children means exploring a world of new possibilities, bringing into play the stimulus to learn, the freedom of the imagination and the theme of safety. The playful appearance and the stimulus to discovery are combined in Doraff.
How is it made?
Doraff is a multifunctional seat: a unique form that can be arranged in different ways to evoke the stylized figure of a dog or a giraffe. Made of polyethylene, the seat can be turned upside down and, as needed, become a table for a snack or for painting on.
How is it produced and where?
In Italy from 100% recyclable thermoplastic resin.
How is it manufactured?
By the slow roto molding process.
What makes it special?
One object, multiple functions. It can be a table for drawing or doing all sorts of other things on, as well as a child’s chair.
What is it like?
Fun, playful, versatile