Alias by Alfredo Häberli, a graphic sign in space, a contemporary interpretation of the Scandinavian classics

Harmoniously assembling wood and metal, Alfredo Häberli designed the Ago table for Alias: furniture with a strong graphic sign that reinterprets the classic themes of Scandinavian design in a contemporary key.

The table is notable for its slender structure with large wooden surfaces that taper to thin blades. Its distinctive quality lies in being made partly of solid wood but with a light and elegant line. It is available with tops of different shapes and sizes. The rectangular ones with rounded corners measure 90 x 200 cm or 90 x 240 cm; the ovals, 90 x 200 cm or 100 x 240 cm. The latter variant can accommodate a very variable number of people, making the table highly flexible. The legs, designed in a form that makes the most of the sitting space, are made of solid wood and attached to a painted steel frame. All the tops are in veneered MDF and have edges reflecting the wood tone of the legs, for a pleasant all-wood effect. The finishes in natural oak, bleached, dark stained, walnut stained, ash gray stained and black stained coexist in harmony with the colors of the frame, presented in white, sand, black or charcoal grey. Depending on the variants, Ago is perfect for decorating the living room but also designed to complete spaces intended for hospitality.

At a glance

What is it?
Ago is a light but technically advanced table, designed for the home and the contract and hospitality sector.
What is the design concept?
To create a subtle mix between sensuousness and performance, an effect obtained by mixing and combining metal and wood in a visually ethereal design
How is it made?
Made from wood and metal, it stands on 4 solid wooden legs with soft forms grafted onto a metal structure that supports the top.
How it is produced and where?
Ago is produced in Italy, partially at Alias and partially in the Meda area, by Italian craftsmen.
How is it manufactured?
The shaping of the wood is numerically controlled and the metal folded with jigs. These are craft processes requiring outstanding skills in manual work and in the use of the machine.
What makes it special?
Its innovation is to be an extremely light and elegant partly solid wood table, with unusual sections for a wooden table.
What is it like?
Natural, soft, light
How does the designer describe it?
“The idea of Ago is to compose a minimalist steel frame on which to rest and fix the legs and the top. The supporting structure is like a vertebral column, making it possible to create a very stable and visually light composition.”