Part of the Designer Collection developed by Patricia Urquiola, Grada is a surface with a grid pattern, developed through a system of colors and delicate graduations

Patricia Urquiola  confirms her recognized compositional mastery thanks to Alpi Grada decorated wood, a surface in the Designer Collection created specially for Alpi. An element in which color determines the form, in ALPI Grada features a grid pattern, developed through an ordered system of colors and graduated transitions. The pink version moves from light to dark pink to beige oak, while a more neutral version is notable for its tones of grey. The shades harmonize with each other to generate a balanced geometric composition, endowing the lines of the grid with a refined softness. The chromatic shading technique was made possible thanks to ALPI's profound sartorial culture that enables the company to present almost endlessly varied aesthetic solutions.

At a glance

What is it?
A decorative composite wood surface. ALPI wood is intended for the major luxury goods, automotive and ship-building companies, as well as furniture-makers and architecture studio
What is the design concept?
The collection arises from the desire to explore new stylistic codes through a series of stylistic fusions, and to draw on the company's past by paying homage to the varieties of wood that have made its history.
How is it made?
The collection is made entirely from poplar wood that comes from managed Italian forests, hence created using sustainable raw materials. 
How is it produced and where?
Production takes place in the company plant at Modigliana, through a process that slices the wood, dyes it by immersion and superimposes the sheets to recreates a new designable trunk.
How is it manufactured?
To create Alpi Grada, the company combines industrial processes with craft skills. The technique for achieving gradations of color is made possible by the brand's expert sartorial culture.
What makes it special?
Alpi Grada is characterized by a unique interplay of forms and colors reflecting the accumulated expertise of a company capable of rising to the challenges offered by the most innovative technology.
What is it like?
Innovative, elegant, colorful
In the designer’s own words
“We developed Grada based on a small grid, adaptable for covering both large surfaces, such as walls and wainscoting, as well as furniture and the surfaces of objects. But what interested us particularly was to apply the rigor of the grid to a material as real as wood, so creating a dialogue between the natural and artificial elements.”