Ideal for producing objects with refined color combinations, Cristalmood is a material patented by Antoniolupi with peculiar characteristics of resistance, transparency and lightness

Antoniolupi stands out on the Italian and international market for bathroom furniture projects, designed to create cutting-edge solutions from both a design, technological and formal point of view. Recent fruit of the company's creative research, Cristalmood is a material characterized by sharpness and shine. It is a colored, transparent, glossy finish resin composed of high quality polyester and coloring pigments. Thanks to their composition, the objects in Cristalmood have a weight less than about 30% compared to their equivalent in solid surface. In addition, they pass the salt spray corrosion test and can be cleaned with all common detergents, resisting denatured alcohol, acetone, oils, benzene or diesel. The manufacturing process makes each product unique, with slight differences in color and with small air bubbles to give soul and authenticity. The craftsmanship of the production ensures that each object in Cristalmood is unrepeatable: two washbasins from the same collection can never be identical.

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What is it?
Cristalmood it is a colored resin, luminous and brilliant like crystal and resistant like stone.
What is its design concept?
The company has managed to create a new generation compound that makes each product unique.
What is it made of?
It consists of high quality polyester resin and coloring pigments.
How is it produced and where?
Produced in Tuscany, Cristalmood is worked manually from the initial casting to the finishing.
How is it manufactured?
The processing stages are quite complex and the craftsmanship that guides the final intervention is essential. In fact, the objects just extracted from the silicone molds appear rough. Once the resin has solidified, we proceed with sanding and polishing which are performed manually in order to remove imperfections and give the object shine. At the end, a protective fixative is provided.
Why is it special?
Cristalmood is a new material, patented by antoniolupi
How is it?
Technological, transparent and resistant.