Sony presents two innovations that revolutionize the home cinema (and gaming) experience, capable of guaranteeing total immersion in entertainment

Having said goodbye to summer temperatures once and for all, it's time to enjoy some good autumn leisurebetween TV series, music, documentaries and art films. Good reasons to take refuge within the walls of your home, thanks to the change in solar time and the first 'long' weekends at the end of October.

Here therefore arises the need to make use of the best hi-tech devices on the market: a good television and an equally valid audio system cannot be missing .

TV and Home Theater: what's new from Sony

How to choose a quality audio device and television, when you don't have specific skills? Informing yourself, testing, letting yourself be overwhelmed by the emotions at first glance.

But also considering technical characteristics such as size and ease of use, quality of performance and pleasantness of the experience (audio, like video). Sony is a master in this, it has confirmed this with the new releases dedicated to TV, with the BRAVIA collection.

The 2023 BRAVIA XR television range

With four series available (X95L Mini LED), designed to maximize the viewer's immersive experience.

Whether it is video games, TV series or films, emotion is the protagonist

A value obtained thanks to the Cognitive Processor are provided, useful for optimizing noise reduction and movement clarity - essential in the case of adrenaline-pumping action scenes.

The processor also allows better backlight control to increase the Local Dimming zones, increase brightness and reduce the halo effect ( blooming).

To further amplify the immersive dimension, all TVs are equipped with the Acoustic Center Sync mode which, depending on the inch rating and the series to which the TV belongs (each product is equipped with different audio 'skills') integrates it within the Home Theater system by delegating it to the reproduction of the central channel and distributing bass, mids and highs in an optimal way, adapting each time to the type of A series soundbar strong> to which it was linked.

And for those who give acoustics an even more central role, the integrated '360 Spatial Sound Mapping' technology is available in Sony soundbars which, thanks to the optional rear speakers, generates multiple virtual speakers and optimizes the sound field

An absolute novelty this year is the Acoustic Multi-Audio+ system of the X95L series, designed to match the audio with the images of the scene. In the A95L and A80L models, the same task is performed by the Acoustic Surface Audio+ system, where the sound is emitted directly from the center of the vibrating screen of the TV (through integrated actuators) and perfectly in tune with the action.

BRAVIA XR 2023: televisions for gamers

Sony has also thought about gamers, who, as we know, pay particular attention to identifying the device they rely on to play: precisely with a view to maximizing the experience, therefore, the 2023 BRAVIA range, including the XR series, has been designed to "get along" better with PlayStation 5.

An example: Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode optimize video quality during gaming and streaming, the intuitive Game Menu allows you to change settings based on personal preferences (activating/deactivating in for a moment VRR or Motion Blur Reduction technology). Furthermore, from the Game Menu, it is possible to increase the brightness in dark areas with the Black Equalizer function, to spot objects and opponents more easily or choose which of the six types of crosshairs to use.

Choosing the audio amplifier: the new HT-A3000 soundbar from Sony

For an authentic cinema experience at home, together with the new BRAVIA soundbarHT-A3000, innovative because it is equipped with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping audio technology, which allows you to extend the listening area in sync with the TV screen.

Equipped with 3.1 channels, three front speakers (including a central one dedicated to dialogue) and a double integrated subwoofer that enhances the bass, the HT -A3000 presents itself as an instrument of refined sound technology: by testing it, you will in fact have the sensation that the sound comes from different sources, directions and distances. Complete immersion, thanks to the Vertical Surround Engine and the S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, which allow you to experience the emotion of the iconic Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Furthermore, the sound field is amplified thanks to the microphones integrated into the soundbar and the Sound Field Optimization system, which calculates the height and relative position of the soundbar itself and the speakers and, based on the data collected, synthesizes the sound waves in order to create multiple “ghost” speakers.

The addition of an optional wireless subwoofer to manage low frequencies allows the system to deliver powerful and impressive bass. Both available subwoofer models (SA-SW5 and SA-SW3) are designed to enhance lower notes, vocal clarity and fidelity of sound content, regardless of the content being played.

From an aesthetic point of view, the A3000 soundbar and optional speakers share the new omnidirectional design. The elegant beveled profiles design a single block that diffuses the audio in any direction and, combined with the textures of the materials, fit harmoniously into any living room.