Suitable to meet the needs of the whole family in terms of capacity and functionality of use, the new Whirlpool built-in refrigerator - Space400 Total No Frost is intelligent

Whirlpool has designed an intelligent built-in refrigerator, which these days means: savings, efficiency, aesthetics.

Three wishes fully fulfilled by the new WH SP70 T242 P by Whirlpool, a refrigerator which, in short, thanks to its'6th sense' technology is able to guarantee storage autonomy without electricity equal to 26 hours, self-regulate in terms of temperature, vary the preservation of food depending on the moment in which they are inserted into the appliance and guarantee a reduction in electricity consumption.

A built-in refrigerator that preserves the harmony of spaces

Spacious and minimal in structure, the new Space 400 Total No Frost built-in refrigerator by Whirlpool has been designed to best integrate with every type of kitchen project: the Multiflow column it is entirely made of aluminium, a detail that also makes the interior of the refrigerator elegant and discreet. From the outside it is not noticeable, but once opened it gives access to a world.

Space 400 Total No Frost by Whirlpool is suitable for the whole family

Equipped with an interesting height and capacity, it is organized internally into sectors - both on the side of the opening door and in the main compartment - thanks to the robust glass shelves, drawers and storage sections: the new Whirlpool built-in refrigerator is suitable to meet the needs of the whole family.

Whirlpool - WH SP70 T242 P: a new model, infinite functions

The intelligence of Whirpool's new built-in refrigerator is summarized in the 6th Sense Technology, innovative for its almost human sensitivity, equipped with sensors capable of automatically lowering the temperature inside the appliance when new foods are introduced, thus reducing electricity consumption.

The 6th Sense technology controls and restores the temperature quickly to guarantee the best preservation. Furthermore, the refrigerator is equipped with a regular and uniform internal flow of air which ensures constant enhanced ventilation, a temperature alarm which signals any increases in the thermal condition, so as to prevent the deterioration of the foods and a Fast Cooling system useful for quickly cooling large quantities of food or drinks or when the refrigerator is turned on after a period of inactivity.

Interesting, also and above all for those who are often away from home due to frequent trips (but not only), the holiday mode: a setting that allows you to set the refrigerator in stand by mode and therefore curb energy consumption.

Thanks to the circulation of air throughout the cavity, the Total NoFrost technology also prevents the formation of ice and frost in the freezer: an evolution that guarantees you no longer have to deal with the tedious defrosting phase .