In the new version, Erika, design Research and Development Office Aran Cucine, becomes more versatile and flexible

Always among the best sellers of Aran Cucine, Erika (here in the Gray Beton composition with curved elements) has undergone a restyling. In the 2020 version designed by Research and Development Office Aran Cucine, it is even more versatile and flexible, so as to be able to address a very wide target and cover different market segments. Erika interprets people's need for sweetness: a word that does not indicate a cloying feeling, but the desire to give warmth to spaces. For example, giving the opportunity to assemble materials in a less obvious and banal way, with a little more kindness and humanity. Sensitivity to the social and cultural aspects linked to the living space has allowed us to combine materials or elements, even heterogeneous ones, useful for creating customizable projects. While the introduction of curved and circular elements intends to interpret values ​​such as inclusiveness and conviviality. Fundamental in the development of the new product was the role of the company which, in addition to looking at the market, believed in the values ​​that inspire Erika. In this case, the new kitchen has become the spokesperson for an innovative, flexible lifestyle, open to multiple market segments, which the company has clearly endorsed. From this communion of intentions between the company and the designer, a kitchen like Erika was born: not just the space of a house, but a space in which to feel at home.

At a glance

What is it?
A kitchen, the brand's best seller, designed as a set of open systems to create continuity with the living room and presented with new finishes.
What is the design concept?
Give infinite possibilities for customizing the kitchen. The 2020 restyling, which broadens the range of proposals for materials and finishes, allows us to address various market segments.
How is it made and from what materials?
The choice between colors and finishes is very wide: from lacquers to laminates, from glass to Fenix, from PET to mortar-effect or matt wood finishes.
How is it produced and where?
Each phase of the production process - from processing the raw material to assembly - is entirely carried out within the company's Abruzzo factories.
How is it manufactured?
The processing is industrial and artisanal at the same time: each piece is produced and then pre-assembled in the finished composition, to be then finished with colors and lacquers. The doors, for example, are built starting from a melamine panel that is edged and worked.
What makes it special?
The 'systems', that is the wide range of components to meet different housing and stylistic needs; the furniture that creates continuity with the living room; the possibility of increasing the storage capacity of some modules.
How is it?
Flexible, innovative, contemporary.
In the designers’s own words
With Erika we interpreted people's need for 'sweetness'. We use this word not to indicate a cloying feeling, but the desire - increasingly widespread - to give warmth to spaces.