Code Mono 13, modular combinations for an elegantly tailored bathroom

The combination of different materials is a feature of the Arbi Arredobagno collections. Code, one of the most recent collections, is a modular project, aligned with current bathroom furniture trends, oriented to create ambiances with a marked potential for design and well-being. The wide range of finishes, wall units and consoles combined with the selection of accessories, enable us to offer high levels of personalization. The Code Mono version includes monobloc compositions with an aluminum structure (material fabricated in the new cutting and drilling department of the Maron di Brugnera factory), heightening the essential linearity of the compositions, lightened by alternating voids and solids.

In this line, wood and aluminum come together, developing projects characterized by an immediately recognizable identity. The composition Code Mono 13 consists of a monobloc structure in gloss Rhodium aluminum, combined with the base and folding top in matt eucalyptus wood, the latter with a semi-recessed Belt washbasin in tekno.

At a glance

What is it?
Furniture for a contemporary bathroom, made with high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies
What is the design concept?
It is a modular project that allows extreme flexibility in the design of bespoke creations, thanks to the high level of customization.
How is it made?
The Code Mono 13 composition consists of a folding base, a folding top and columns in opaque eucalyptus wood. Cut 45° on the sides and fronts of the base and drawers with groove opening systems. Monobloc structure with tubular anodized gloss Rhodium aluminum 1.5 cm thick with a square section and adjustable feet, with the same finish for the shelf and stool
How is it produced and where?
This composition, like all Arbi Arredobagno furniture, is made completely at its Maron di Brugnera facility, which has a special department for cutting and drilling aluminum, a feature that enables it to produce oversize models. In this case, only the sink is commissioned from an outside company, being made to our design
How is it manufactured?
Arbi’s state-of-the-art machinery ensures meticulous fabrication of materials. The department for cutting and drilling aluminum allows for the creation of joints without visible welds and the woodworking department plays an important role in ensuring the chromatic and design continuity of the veining, essential in satisfying the requirements of a discriminating clientele. In this respect, the utmost attention is also paid to the phases of painting and polishing, with the installation of a plant offering high performance in terms of both capacity and the quality of the final product. After drying, all parts of the furniture are sent to the assembly lines
What makes it special?
Among the principal innovative contents, the potential it offers for creating monobloc structures, including oversize models, which are an important segment of demand.
What is it like?
Exclusive, tailored, versatile.