Pretty, a daybed inspired by the twenties and thirties, is part of the Armani/Casa 2020 collection designed by Giorgio Armani in the spirit of eclecticism and color

The purity of Giorgio Armani's aesthetic is reflected in the Armani/Casa line: a harmony of essential design and precious materials enhanced by skillful craftsmanship. Modernism and exoticism are the keynotes of a rarefied yet distinct vocabulary consisting of subtle structures, refined finishes and a sense of lightness. The storyline of the collection becomes sinuous in the pieces characterized by fluid and rounded lines, such as Pretty, a daybed upholstered in fabric to evoke the rarefied atmosphere of period cinema. To fashion it, Perugia fabric is used with a checkered texture in white, black or brown from Armani/Casa’s Exclusive Textiles collection by Rubelli. The collection extends the modernist research into colors and materials, focusing on processes that endow geometric patterns and motifs with a tactile consistency. The use of different techniques makes the fabrics dynamic creations, thanks to embroidery, ikat effects and patterned wefts but also, as in Perugia fabrics, with variations on the weave motif.  Pretty’s rounded forms are brought out by the platinum lacquer that decorates the support base and are lightened by the large empty space beneath the seat. Like the whole Armani/Casa 2020 collection, this piece of furniture draws inspiration from the abstract art of the early twentieth century, then stimulated by contact with other worlds and other cultures, between Orientalism, primitivisms and innovative solutions. Henri Matisse's vital sense of color and Paul Klee's chromatic music are the starting point for patterns and treatments of a light and subtle elegance. Blocks of color and chromatic collages run through the fabrics, furniture and accessories with a palette of warm, golden tones. The patterned weaves are skillfully modulated on fabrics and wood, while the interplay of joints evoke Constructivist styles. Curves and angles alternate in a dialogue between masculine and feminine translated into spatial terms. A new care is devoted to the use of recycled materials in production – wood and stone in the furniture, fabrics in the accessories – to ensure a responsible and sustainable process.

At a glance

What is it?
A daybed upholstered in fabric.
What is the design concept?
Dedicated to the cinema divas of the twenties and thirties, the Pretty daybed is conceived as an eye-catching piece to be placed in the center of the room, with curved lines that can be admired from every viewpoint.
How is it made?
Wooden frame with fabric upholstery from Armani/Casa’s Exclusive Textiles collection by Rubelli.
How is it produced and where?
Pretty is 100% made in Italy.
What makes it special?
Pretty is extremely versatile. The off-center backrest, available in either a right-sided or left-sided option, enables this timeless piece of furniture to double as a sofa.
In the designer’s own words
“I've never been one to dwell too much on the past or the things I’ve devised over the years. I’ve always been moved to create something new, while ensuring it has a timeless character in itself. I think that authentic design has an inherent permanence of style and, starting from this principle, I designed Pretty. A daybed, dedicated to the movie actresses of the 1920s and 30s, sources of inexhaustible inspiration. Pretty is devised as a piece in its own right, capable of immediately capturing the attention. On the one hand, an extremely seductive piece of furniture, on the other, functional and versatile, thanks to the off-center backrest, which can be adapted to a small sofa for more everyday use. A reinterpretation of a classic piece that in this way gains a new life, a transformation that I seek to apply to most of my projects.” Giorgio Armani