The iconic Ak_04 by Franco Driusso for Arrital extends its range of tactile and chromatic finishes

Ak_04, designed by Franco Driusso and among the most representative kitchens of the Arrital style, has extended its range of tactile and chromatic finishes. Increased compositional flexibility is secured by a wider spectrum of porcelain stoneware finishes for the fronts and tops – a feature that also makes for the creation of monolithic compositions – as well as the extension of the ranges of woods, lacquers, Fenix patterns and glass. Also new are the accessories dedicated to the living area, such as the Kontena sideboards, the Vertical bookcase and the Gem vetrinas, which allow communication between living and kitchen spaces through customized combinations. Ak_04 is also enriched with a series of accessories: the Toah table (faced with 18 stoneware finishes on a glass support), the overhung snack tops with retractable supports, and the new Fly Box furnishing complement for better access to the corner bases. The extruded aluminum frame with built-in handle, designed without visible joints and protected by an international patent, remains the key element of Ak_04 by its lightness, strength, and reduced thickness. Conceived from the embryonic stage to support multiple materials, this Arrital model is capable of continually being renewed and reinvented as an open-ended project that uses exclusive materials and successfully communicates the idea of a contemporary design with car lavished on the smallest details.

At a glance

What is it?
A kitchen system for the domestic sector aimed at a medium-high market segment, but with a broad price range due to the potential for diversifying the materials.
What is the design concept?
It is a product designed to be easily updated with different finishing materials, without the need to radically redesign the kitchen model.
What it is made of?
The key feature of the model is the door, comprising a frame protected by an international patent in extruded aluminum with an built-in handle, to which is applied a thin panel in different types of materials: wood veneers, various lacquers, glass, steel, Corian, stoneware, Fenix...
How it is produced and where?
Directly in the Arrital factory.
What makes it special?
The real innovation lies in having conceived a seemingly simple door with an aesthetic that will always be up to the minute.
What is it like?
Technical, versatile, purposeful.