The original color palette of the Prism collection selected by the studio Lissoni Associati

Its heart is the color of Prism, the new Atlas Concorde collection selected by the studio Lissoni Associati. Just as white sunlight is broken down into the colors of the rainbow when it passes through a prism, the Prism collection transforms space with a palette of 13 shades. The colors range from warm and welcoming shades, that can be matched with most wall colors, to hues with cold and contemporary tones in keeping with all the tints of the color scheme. The colors are also designed to be matched in gradation or contrasted with character accents such as shades of claret and clay. What are the atmospheres evoked? My thoughts turn to the metaphysical scenes in Giorgio de Chirico's paintings, evocative and moving in every age. The mood is wedded to the new Deco trend in contemporary architecture, which chooses classic codes and interprets them with unusual freedom. If color is the unifying thread, the sinuous graphics of the hand-spatulated resin effect are the detail that conveys the characters of those who choose it and harmonize its style. Prism blends the beauty of resin with the performance of porcelain stoneware.

At a glance

What is it? 
Prism is the new Atlas Concorde collection inspired by the beauty of resin. Its availability in the large format of 120x278 cm, with the modularity of the formats between cladding and surface, and the Silk finish – velvety to the touch and slightly reflective to the eye – offer further design tools for modeling spaces to express the precise taste and identity of those who live in them.
What is the design concept ?
Prism stems from a reflection on the theme of color. Just as white sunlight passing through a prism is broken down into the colors of the rainbow, so the Prism collection transforms space with the magic of a palette of 13 shades.
How is it made?
The graphic effect inspired by the fluid grace of hand-spatulated resin, regulated to suit each format, defines the mood of each color with a soft texture, sinuous lines and an authentic character. Color is the key to interpreting the character of the setting, while the type of surface and cladding becomes the hallmark of the interior and its styling, capable of setting off any architectural project.
What makes it special?
The heart of the design of the collection is color. The burst of color of Prism’s palette includes the practical advantages of porcelain stoneware, such as resistance to time, weight or stains and ease of cleaning, installation and maintenance.
In the designer’s own words
“We tried to think about the effect of light through a prism. We imagined these colors to be the result of prismatic light turned into a rainbow. We then worked on this refracted light and tried to transfer it to the surfaces, chromatic fragments modified to become domestic or architectural colors.”