Tonie, designed by Andrea and Vittorio Bruno, tells the artisan tradition of Sardinia

A tribute by Andrea and Vittorio Bruno to their father Tonino, the Tonie sideboard by Bam Design embodies the history of its materials, of the hands that produced it, of the places it will live in. With the magic of a piece made entirely by hand that speaks of a territory full of charm, the Sardinian one, has an external structure in corten steel and carved doors in solid lime, oak or cherry wood. Furniture characterized by clean lines, attention to detail and unique creative processes, which escapes standard definitions typically referred to the art, crafts and design sector, Tonie is the emblem of the constant search for contaminations, interactions, intertwining that identify the production of the company, traditionally linked to metals, which today is declined in the encounter with other materials, opening up to dialogue with designers and expert hands of their own territory and beyond. The sideboard has an external structure in corten steel and solid wood, available in lime / oak / cherry wood. “Behind the hollow face, beyond the firm legs. Within the exact width of a father's shoulders, in the unfathomable and attentive heart. Forced between dark facades and barely concealed darkness. There is nothing, apart from the space I await. You can't say it's empty. This is Tonie ”.

At a glance

What is it?
Tonie is an incredibly useful sideboard, which can be used in the living room, at the entrance as a container and in the bedroom as a large chest of drawers.
What is its design concept?
Inspired by the typical Sardinian chest, Tonie reinterprets the decorative motifs of the local tradition, purified and inserted in clean and contemporary design forms. The two designs available for Tonie, the flower and the code, reinterpret ancient symbols in a modern way, re-proposing them in a limited quantity and in a new stylized graphic arrangement.
How is it made and with wich materials?
The structure of Tonie is made of corten steel, bent, welded and oxidized. The interior is lined with plywood. The solid wood doors, available in the finishes of lime, oak and cherry, are carved in bas-relief with the carving technique.
How is it produced and where?
Tonie is produced entirely in Sardinia: all the metal elements are made by Bam Design, which entrusts the processing of the wooden parts to a local carpentry and carvers, taking care of the final assembly.
How is it manufactured?
In Tonie there is no industrial process: it is handcrafted, in a small controlled series, totally manual.
What makes it special?
The innovative aspect of Tonie is linked to its realization, the result of the desire to defend techniques of the past that are disappearing. The metalworking, of which the company is the guardian, meets another valuable traditional craft, inlay, combined in a clean and essential form attributable to the language of design that does not have any disturbing elements such as handles and protrusions.
How is it?
Significant, identifying, multi-material.
In the owner words of the designers
Tonie is a declaration of change, of wanting to express itself with a new language, both from a design and construction point of view: iron joins other materials and artisan thinking meets design, carrying on new contamination discourses, in an open dialogue with the designers and expert hands of our territory, and beyond.