Opéra, a collection of lighting elements designed by Philippe Nigro for Barovier&Toso, includes suspension models, wall lamps and a table version

To develop his collection of lighting elements, Philippe Nigro was inspired by the rostrum technique, enhancing its peculiarities. The cylindrical shape, in fact, emphasizes the ornamental motif, multiplying the angles of incidence of the light rays and creating a dense tangle of three-dimensional points. The Opéra suspensions by Barovier&Toso are available in four sizes, satisfying any design requirement: from domestic spaces to contract environments, where it is possible to create real customized installations, with asymmetrical and multiform compositions. The applique version develops vertically and it is perfect for enhancing a wall and punctuating it with bright accents. The table model, on the other hand, stands out for an even more enveloping aesthetic, capable of creating, even when switched off, a warm and intimate atmosphere.

At a glance

What is it?
It is a collection of lamps consisting of suspensions, appliques and a table version.
What its design concept?
Inspired by the Opéra Garnier, it stands out for its eclectic character, expressed by stylistic mixes and a great compositional balance. The opulence of the theater echoes in the design of the lamps, whose references to Baroque sumptuousness are muted by more minimal and contemporary aspects.
How and where is it manufactured?
The collection is characterized by the processing of the rostratum, an artisanal technique of which the company holds the patent and which consists in working the Venetian crystal by hand until obtaining a continuous series of faceted prisms. The product is entirely made in the furnaces of Murano.
What makes it special?
The creations in Venetian Crystal are combined with metal elements that surround the luminous bodies: different textures share a common inspiration on shapes and volumes. Three finishes chosen for this material dialogue: brushed gold, brushed copper and brushed black nickel.