Padma by Barovier & Toso. A glass lamp made by hand at a single blowing contains nestling within it a precious ribbed object fashioned by master glassmakers

Time is the first ingredient of the Barovier&Toso collections, the Murano glassworks with roots going back to 1295. The past, with its historic heritage and craft techniques that have been handed down through the centuries, and a time that looks ahead to the future made up of change and innovation in technology and aesthetics. This synthesis is also represented by the new collection of lamps named Padma, a word that means “lotus” in Sanskrit.

Inspired by the water plant of ancient origins and in particular its flower, the only one to contain the fruit within itself, Padma is completely handmade in Venetian crystal. And just as the lotus flower contains its fruit, so too the large glass ampoule made with a single blowing encompasses a precious ribbed object made by the master glassblowers. Fitted with a dimmable LED light source, it comes in multiple table and suspension versions, with diffusers of different forms, shaded in white and gray, and with refined colored internal elements.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of table and suspension lamps available in three and four variants, including a cluster combination comprising three diffusers and three light sources. The lamp is intended for those who appreciate fully hand-crafted products that draw on tradition reinterpreted in a contemporary way.
What is the design concept?
The word Padma in Sanskrit means “lotus”. And it is the flower of this aquatic plant with very ancient origins that has inspired the project. A symbol of elegance, purity and grace in the classical literature of many Asian cultures, the lotus has some very distinctive features: it is the only flower, for instance, that when it blooms already contains its fruit with the seeds developed, conceptually representing the intrinsic unity between cause and effect, between the one and the whole. Reinterpreting this distinctive feature, Padma was conceived and designed to express harmony, synthesis between the parts, the dialogue between tradition and innovation.
How is it made?
The lamp is entirely made of mouth-blown Venetian crystal and handcrafted by master glassmakers. It consists of three elements: a shaded external diffuser, made with the incalmo technique , a “fruit” with a ribbed surface enclosed within and a final element that completes the composition, evoking Venetian traditions. The light source consists of a specially developed 9 W LED (1000lm CRI90) that illuminates a thermoformed nylon diffuser and is completely dimmable.
How is it produced and where?
All the glass parts are blown and worked by hand in the Barovier & Toso glassworks in Murano, while the metal parts designed by the in-house style office are fashioned by local craftsmen.
How is it manufactured?
Made at a single blowing, the external ampoule has a very refined design and a graduated shade of color, in white or gray, the result of a skillful craft gesture. The other elements, finely worked with the typical Murano technique of ribbing, have complex and refined forms that recall, in section, the petals of an open lotus flower.
What makes it special?
Padma combines innovation and tradition above all, reflected in the dialogue between design and manufacturing techniques drawn from the company’s historical heritage. The link is a new approach to these techniques, reinterpreted and used to create a contemporary aesthetic.
What is it like?
Contemporary, pure, fashioned by hand.