To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Armando Guglielmi, the Novara-based company of the same name presents a new collection of taps for the bathroom designed by Alessandro Zambelli: Cento

In the sophisticated and unconventional way that belongs to Alessandro Zambelli's creativity, the Cento collection tells the tension towards dynamism that characterized the artistic avant-gardes of the early decades of the twentieth century and the attraction for pure forms that inspired rationalist experiments in architecture and design.

"From a conceptual point of view, the collection follows the rule of formal decomposition which provides for the subdivision of volumes by function. The dynamism is given by the inclusion of inclined planes, giving the bodies a change of spatial perspective. The compositions recall small architectures with volumes marked and decisive, where each element finds balance in the whole ".

Formal breakdown

With a synergy typical of those who understand, the sophisticated and unconventional creativity of Zambelli and the rigor of the characteristic lines of the products Guglielmi merge, with Cento, in a hyper contemporary interpretation of the tap.

A product with essential, clean lines, almost rigorous in their apparent minimalism, enriched by ultra-innovative technology that still today speaks of an avant-garde design faithful to the guiding spirit of the company in the twentieth century.

Values enter the scene

The inspiration was born precisely from the need to place at the center the values that have always guided Guglielmi - Armando first and the new generations now; the same ones that have outlined the company over the years and that have allowed it to be present in the world panorama of the sector.

For the design of Cento the designer therefore started from these values, which he then integrated by analyzing the artistic and cultural references of the founder's era that made him an entrepreneur visionary with a pioneering spirit.

The shape changes perspective

The Cento faucet collection is told through pure, direct forms, typical of rationalist experiments. Available in different variations, both in terms of style and function: in the single-lever mixer or three-hole version and in the PVD Brushed Pale Gold, PVD Black finishes Nickel (Gun Metal), PVD Nickel and Matt Black.