B&B Italia presents Noonu, a collection of upholstery to create a personalized domestic island of relaxation and elegance

The Noonu upholstery system designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia was born from a basic idea common to previous collections – a cylinder that acts as an armrest and freely supported cushions – which evolves into a more organic, dynamic and flexible interpretation of the theme. The new elements of Noonu are the seat, deep and apparently suspended, which reaches the ground, where the four basic geometries of the module – a square shape, a rectangular and two new types of curved elements defined ‘piano’ and ‘sail’ – hide the supporting structure from view, while a single large seat cushion provides extreme comfort and an inclined backrest is designed to accommodate cushions at will. To give further character to the proposal, a roller cushion bound by sophisticated belts to a die-cast aluminum structure to be housed under the seat cushion. This element can be freely used as armrest terminal element or as headrest, to be inserted between the seats or removed according to the occasions of use. Each component of the system is of course optional in various finishes and coverings that also provide a new fabric in 12 color variants.

Noonu by Antonio Citterio

At a glance

What is it?
An upholstery system that is developed in the name of great flexibility and absolute relaxation. The numerous elements that make up the series allow you to create multiple types of compositions, all extremely comfortable thanks to the large single seat cushion and the soft back cushions to be arranged as desired.
What its design concept?
Noonu was created to continue and complete the path started in 2018 with B&B Atoll sofas, of which it retains some elements: a cylinder that acts as an armrest and the cushions freely resting on the backrest. To characterize it the supporting structure that appears almost suspended from the ground and the organic and unusual shapes of the ‘piano’ and ‘sail’ elements that give identity and richness to the project.
What makes it special?
The structure that disappears to the sight creating 'islands'; the sinuous geometries of some elements, real evolutions of the peninsula module; roller cushions bound to die-cast aluminium structures to be used freely as armrests or headrests, inserting them between the seats or removing them according to the occasions of use.
In the designer’s own words
From B&B Atoll to Noonu we are faced with a path that has developed over several years and that we can finally present today as a single project, a real archipelago, where Noonu is a real domestic island.