Hybrid by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia | A seating system that embraces and supports. Dressed as you like, outdoors or in the living room

Hybrid is the new modular outdoor seating system designed byAntonio Citterio forB&B Italia combining rigor and comfort in a project that puts the accent on fabrics: the many available variations create a product that can be personalized for indoor and outdoor use.


Hybrid acts as a connection in spaces with visual indoor-outdoor continuity: those open to a dimension of en-plein-air, but also living areas extending into terraces or gardens. Thanks to the extremely soft and welcoming padded seat, the system guarantees the comfort of traditional upholstered furnishings, pleasantly welcoming the body and supporting it at the same time.

The support structures are nearly invisible: the seat seems to float a few centimeters off the ground. Eight sizes and two depths for the platform guarantee extreme versatility, while the armrests and backs come in two heights. To ensure greater comfort for the deeper seat, the low back can be raised with a supplementary headrest cushion. Added cushions in various sizes widen the range, offering countless design and color solutions. All the pieces of the Hybrid collection can be completely disassembled: at the end of the product’s life cycle all the parts can be separated for disposal.

At a glance

What is it?
A new extremely versatile modular seating system for indoor and outdoor use.
What is the design concept?
The system offers a link between indoors and outdoors. The textiles play a key role, covering ample padding that offers the typical comfort of the living room in outdoor contexts as well.
How is it made?
The cushions are made with variable-density padding. The base is a solid frame structure in extruded aluminium, coated in the colors sage green, clay and anthracite, completed by a platform of fiberglass slats. The back conceals an aluminium structure covered in soft polyurethane, clad in turn by an padded sheath and completed with a waterproof fabric cover.
How and where?
The production site of B&B Italia is in Novedrate.
How is it manufactured?
The in-house manufacturing permits painstaking care in all the phases, with an accent on ease of assembly and knockdown at the end of the product’s life span.
What is special?
The unexpected comfort of the seats, thanks to ample padding (typical of indoor furnishings) and the possibility of personalized coverings, makes Hybrid a forceful, elegant presence. Extreme versatility, modular design and customization match a high level of sustainability.
What’s it like?
Hybrid, versatile, comfortable.
What does the designer say?
“The name Hybrid is very simple, and it describes the product very precisely: a collection that eliminates the boundary between ‘inside and outside.’ And it expresses this concept in its infinite compositional possibilities.”