Olmar presents biogenetic heating: comfort, health and sustainability

We breathe 15,000 liters of air per day. There are 15,000 good reasons to make sure it is clean. Starting with this awareness, Olmar presents the latest frontier of domestic heating, done by generators of biogenetic waves capable of improving wellbeing in everyday life. Heating with distant infrared rays happens through radiation of biogenetic waves at the speed of light.

“This energy emitted by glass,” says Marco Foscari Widmann Rezzonico, CEO of Olmar, “is absorbed by all solid bodies and living beings present in the space, and perceived as a condition of warmth, transmitted without the need for air, which conserves its balance of humidity and temperature without raising dust. The warmth penetrates the human body, creating a pleasant sensation of thermal wellness. The first sensation you have when you enter a room heated by biogenetic energy is one of surprise: you can feel the warmth, but you cannot tell where it comes from.”

This innovative solution brings both health benefits and savings, respecting the environment and improving domestic quality of life.