The exaltation of lightness and craftsmanship in the Aldford table designed by LLG Creative Team

Design and art meet in the lines of the new Aldford table by Bentley Home - Luxury Living Group designed by LLG Creative Team, available in rectangular or circular versions. An elegant project in the sculptural profile that sets a new standard in the vision of modern luxury. Clean and sinuous lines define its extreme aesthetics right from the legs, which, exhausted from the ground, join the undertop in a single shape, accentuating the feeling of lightness and suspension. An organic and seductive design, embellished by the three layers that make up the top: the undertop in glossy black lacquer, the metal profile set along the perimeter and the top, in marble or glossy essence. The double curvature of the base and the sloping edge of the top, inspired by the lines of the Bentley Bacalar spoiler, are obtained using the latest generation of milling techniques. Innovation and technology combined with the highest manual craftsmanship made in Italy and the most precious materials. Legs in glossy Burr Walnut or Smoked Liquid Ambar, or covered in leather. The top is available in Calacatta or Valentine Gray marble, or in glossy Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquid Ambar or Warm Gray Fiddleback Sycamore.

At a glance

What is it?
A new interpretation of the Bentley Home brand that comes ever closer to the vision of the Bentley Motors car manufacturer, conceived and designed by the Luxury Living research center.
What is the design concept?
The exaltation of lightness and craftsmanship that make this brand unique in its kind. Starting from the new lines of the Bentley exp 100, a futuristic vision of the house, and the Bentley Bacalar, the Luxury Living Group designers focused their attention on the particular design of the spoiler, which contributed to the idea of ​​the curves of the top and of the finishing details. gunmetal.
How is it made and from what materials?
It is produced entirely in Italy, by selected craftsmen who are experts in traditional processes but able to blend the most innovative technologies: another fundamental detail for Bentley Home shared with the parent company Bentley Motors.
What makes it special?
Aldford represented an unprecedented constructive challenge for Luxury Living Group designers and Bentley Home craftsmen. The double curvature of the base and the sloping edge of the top are obtained using the latest generation of milling techniques and carefully studied radii, to enhance the shape and accentuate the lightness of the table.
In the designer’s own words
The Luxury Living Group research center with this new collection wanted to tell the Bentley world in continuous evolution and innovation, moving away from conventional stereotypes and canons to create a unique piece. Through long and complex production processes we have been able to represent the exclusive, sophisticated and refined luxury that represents the same values ​​that distinguish Bentley Motors.