The timeless yet technological curves of the Newent armchair designed by Carlo Colombo

Carlo Colombo reinterprets the carmaker’s stylistic codes in a sinuous armchair. With purely Italian elegance, style and savoir faire. The collection (which includes a sofa) is notable for the soft, organic shapes that enclose the precious leathers, fabrics and curves of the Bentley Home world within a wooden shell made even more iconic and dynamic by its arched profile. Newent is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and innovation, sartorial elegance and the latest generation production techniques. The outer shell, in particular, is made of walnut burl in the most prestigious and emblematic version. It envelops the curved profile of the armchair, profiling the changes of angle that bring out its personality and enhance its presence in space. The double curvature characteristic of this project is made possible by an innovative process of hot thermoforming of the material housing the veneer made from precious composite wood varieties specially inlaid in the form. In addition to the version with shell veneered in Burr Walnut or Smoked Liquidambar burl, the armchair is also available in a variant completely upholstered in leather or fabric. It embodies timeless elegance, made-to-measure luxury and a clear and immediately recognizable design that become the emblem of a veritable lifestyle.

At a glance

What is it?
Fashioned by the excellence of Italian design, the Newent armchair designed by Carlo Colombo is intended for all who love to surround themselves with unique and inimitable products, indifferent to trends but in quest of timeless elegance.
What is the design concept?
The curves of the Newent design echo those of the Richmond collection, the first Bentley Home line launched in 2013. This iconic collection provided a source of inspiration that has evolved into a softer form, exploring the freedom of sinuous, welcoming lines.
How is it made?
The armchair is available both in the version fully upholstered in leather or fabric and one with the shell in Burr Walnut or Smoked Liquidambar burl, with a brushed gloss finish, or Smoked Liquidambar with a matte finish.
How is it produced and where?
With the launch of the Newent collection, wholly produced in Italy, Bentley Home offers a unique insight into its extraordinary process of creation and its manufacturing secrets. Each single piece is finished by hand in every detail: the result is a refined and exclusive product. Bentley Home blends traditional craft skills with the most innovative technologies, sharing techniques and principles with Bentley Motors.
How is it manufactured?
The Newent armchair is distinguished by its curved shapes, whose fashioning requires time, advanced technologies and special craft skills. The collection’s unique and distinctive design has made it possible to explore new construction techniques: the double curvature that is a feature of this project is attainable thanks to an innovative production process, namely a new type of hot thermoforming of the material on which the precious wood can be veneered after being inlaid and shaped and positioned with a membrane press.
What is it like?
Sinuous. Unique. Timeless.
In the designer’s own words
“The Newent collection presents a shell enclosing the Bentley world: leather, fabric, organic and soft shapes create a unique piece. The idea is embodied in a hallmark that represents the spirit of the brand and through long and meticulous craftsmanship transforms it into matter. The result is a product that represents true luxury, exclusive and closely linked to Bentley Motors.”