The Mahdavi collection by India Mahdavi: a playful series interpreted with soft and sinuous forms, rounded lines and names evoking a comic-book world

The Mahdavi Collection for Bisazza is the contribution by the French designer of Persian origins to the Bisazza brand bathroom collection. The tub Plouf, the sink Splash  and the mirror Wow are the outcome of India Mahdavi’s creative flair and unmistakable styling. For her second partnership with the company renowned for its glass mosaic tiles, she chose to transform the bathroom “into a bubble of color and humor.”

The collection is a playful proposal interpreted with soft and sinuous lines, rounded features, names that evoke the world of comics, and bright shades of color such as Pistachio Green, Blueberry Blue and Strawberry Pink. (For a more traditional and classic bathroom environment, a white variant has also been added to the catalogue: Just White).

In compliance with the quality standards characteristic of the Venetian company and its research into design combining formal and functional innovation, the joyful and iconic representation of the bathroom has been created in keeping with fine craftsmanship and care for the details and finishes, such as the gloss lacquering of the elements in wood, MDF and fiberglass.

The bold choice of colors and the unmistakably Pop aesthetic evoke the distinctive traits and cultural identity of the designer and merge into a refined and contemporary proposal.

At a glance

What is it?
The collection comprises a bathtub, sink with storage unit and mirror. The Mahdavi Collection is a Pop and original proposal to personalize the space devoted to well-being.
What is the design concept?
A line with an unmistakable creative style by the French designer India Mahdavi. The collection seems to have come out of a comic book, with its soft and rounded forms interpreted in three bright colors: Strawberry Pink, Blueberry Blue, Pistachio Green, plus the new classic: Just White.
How is it made?
The Plouf bath is in gloss lacquered fiberglass, the ceramic sink (Splash) has a suspended cabinet in wood and gloss lacquered MDF (Slam), while Wow, the round mirror, is in gloss lacquered MDF.
How is it produced and where?
Like the whole Bisazza Bagno collection, The Mahdavi Collection is produced in Italy.
How is it manufactured?
The elements that make up the collection are made with fine craftsmanship in compliance with the quality standards and particular attention and care for the finishes and details to guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of each individual object.
What makes it special?
The collection was created and designed to meet the functional needs of even the smallest spaces thanks to a spacious storage unit. Then the bold use of color and Pop forms add a touch of modernity to the collection.
What is it like?
A contemporary design collection with sinuous forms.
In the designer’s words
“I’ve turned the bathroom into a bubble of color and humor… This collection offers a joyful sensorial experience, purification through color.”