Piero Lissoni for Boffi: Combine Evolution | Connected spaces, suspended doors, LED bars and a mixture of natural and high-tech materials

Conserving the design characteristics of the Combine model, Combine Evolution, again designed by Piero Lissoni for Boffi, brings new solutions.

The two monoblocks (technical, for washing and cooking, and complementary for food preparation) are connected by a new element with an open metal structure, complete with practical wooden drawers, with a large snack bar in solid wooden slats, generating interaction between the dining zone and the operative part of the island.

The preparation monoblock now has a suspended post in matte black aluminium with an LED bar, attached to the worktop and ready for use to hang ladles and utensils. The large double shelf is also new, with a matte black metal structure suspended from the ceiling, complete with shelves in solid wood, and again equipped with a utensil rod featuring built-in LED lighting. The storage, refrigeration and cooling functions are supplemented by a wall of accessorized columns adjacent to the functional island composition.

As for the materials, noble presences like white Carrara marble for the doors are combined with the technical solution of the worktop, calling for the introduction of the new matte black Durinox finish (performance stainless steel that stands up to scratching and staining), and the solid oak of the snack/lunch counter.

At a glance

What is it?
A project created for the specific functions of a kitchen, aimed at traditional homes but also at consumers seeking a professional, design-oriented solution.
What is the design concept?
Everything is organized around a system of monoblocks for different functions, combined to create compositions and operative spaces at the center of a room.
What is it made of?
Modular cabinets with various internal solutions, made with materials that comply with standards of ecosustainability and high performance.
How and where is it produced?
It is produced with cutting-edge systems, carried on in specific departments. The assembly takes place entirely inside the Boffi plant at Lentate sul Seveso.
How is it manufactured?
The product is the result of a balanced set of semifinished pieces made with industrial processes, followed by hand finishing for extreme attention to every detail.
What’s special?
The innovation is the design concept, which permits creation of exclusive layouts. It is also technical, thanks to the solutions applied for the construction details, including the worktop, the sliding table applied to the monoblock, the creation of very thin doors with high-tech support materials.
What’s it like?
Essential, versatile, elegant.