Geometric Table by Alain Gilles is a furnishing complement designed to give the living area a surprising imprint

Geometric Table plays with forms and experiments with materials, shifting shape depending on the angle from which you look at it. A creative idea resulting from an important process of stylistic research. “Together with Bonaldo, this project has enabled us to experiment, explore new directions and new creative logics,” explains the Belgian designer Alain Gilles. The concept of Geometric Table rests on chameleon-like lines starting from the base: the legs with teardrop-shaped feet can appear massive or slender, playing on perspective to offer changing perceptions of visual weight. The result is a furnishing with an important scenic presence yet slim and graceful with its rounded forms. The available materials range from marble to solid wood, glossy or matt ceramic and an enchanting silk finish. The research into design is combined with the study of materials having close ties with nature. The table is also available in a special hand-spatulated clay finish that gives the whole structure a sculptural effect. This particular process has made it possible to produce a terracotta-colored variant, inspired by natural shades. Geometric Table is a synthesis of highly distinctive elements capable of enhancing functionality, comfort and aesthetic qualities: from material to color, from the harmony of the forms with which it is presented  – in both barrel-shaped and rounded versions – in the multiple sizes available.

At a glance

What is it?
Geometric Table, designed by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo, is a perfect furnishing complement to give a surprising imprint to the living area.
What is the design concept?
It is a shape-changing table that plays on perspective. With a hypnotic visual effect, its appearance alters depending on the point of view.
How is it made?
The four legs with teardrop-shaped legs appear thick or thin as the table is viewed from different standpoints. Among the materials available: marble, solid wood, ceramic, and silk or spatulated clay finish.
How is it produced and where?
Bonaldo complements are produced entirely in Italy.
How is it manufactured?
Seemingly simple but very complex in production, the design grew out of the company’s industrial capacity to manufacture even the most experimental projects.
What makes it special?
Geometric Table is the synthesis of highly distinctive elements capable of enhancing functionality, comfort and aesthetics: from material to color, from the harmony of forms to dimensions.
What is it like?
Outside the box, chameleon-like, amusing.
In the words of the designer
“Like a sculpture, Geometric Table invites the viewer to move beyond the immediate appearance and ask questions about the way we perceive reality.”