Designed by Monica Graffeo, Wallover is a system of containers that interprets domestic walls in an architectural key

Wallover by Caccaro is the new system of vertical and horizontal containers that are freely composed in the space to give an architectural cut to the spaces of the house, from the living room to the sleeping area. A step forward on the path of planning that the company has already undertaken with the revolutionary Freedhome system.

Designed by Monica Graffeo, Wallover was created to enhance the personality of the walls that welcome and guard it. The configurations to which the elements of the system can give life are different: full-height double-sided pillars also placed in the center of the room, TV compositions for the living room, solutions that reinterpret the concept of traditional sideboard, bookcases, containers for the sleeping area, functional compositions for the entrance.

Wallover's range of internal equipment transforms each composition on the basis of the functions it must perform and the environments it must furnish. The attention to lighting inside the modules and on the backs takes up and evolves what was developed for Freedhome, giving life to solutions capable of animating the wall that houses the composition.

The new system is designed and engineered following Caccaro's DNA: technical innovation, rigor and aesthetic cleanliness, customized hardware, attention to the thickness of the panels, workmanship with attention to the smallest details and controlled by automated industrial systems.

The expression of one's personality through the furniture choices is another characterizing feature of the Caccaro offer which is also reflected in the wide range of finishes. Alongside the lamè and lacquers, glass and essences of the Freedhome palette, there are important innovations that focus on the value of the material. The Kera family of finishes takes up, on a visual and tactile level, the naturalness of stone, while the new Oxid play on metallic reflections. Thanks to wide-ranging industrial thinking, supported by modern technologies of industry 4.0, the finishes of Freedhome and the finishes of Wallover are totally compatible. Sensoriality, rhythm, light are the principles that Caccaro wants to pursue to develop innovative design systems, not linked to passing fashions, which allow you to "dress" the house like a tailored suit, without sacrificing practicality and functionality. For more information click here.

At a glance

What is it?
Wallover is a system of highly customizable modular containers in terms of size and transversal to all rooms in the house. Caccaro's specialization in wall systems is confirmed: Freedhome works to transform every square centimeter into containment, Wallover uses more compact and architectural volumes.
What is its design concept?
Wallover was born from an idea of Monica Graffeo, Caccaro art director: the elements of the system are treated as architectural volumes that play in space according to original rhythms and proportions. The extreme modularity of the containers and open compartments makes practically infinite possibilities available to the designer.
How is it made?
The various elements of Wallover are built in different ways to meet structural and aesthetic needs. From the base units with thin tops in fine finishes to the 45 ° workmanship of the wall units, from the metal open compartments to the careful management of lighting: every detail follows Caccaro production standards, focusing on product durability.
Where is it made?
In the three production plants of the company recently refurbished in a 4.0 logic. Monica Graffeo's initial concept was engineered and put into production by internal R&D by exploiting the close interconnection between graphic configurator, IT infrastructure and production systems. Wallover and Freedhome, thanks to this production logic, have made the tailor-made series.
How is it made?
Thanks to production plants organized in a 4.0 logic and to a deep knowledge of the design and operational complexities behind a system. Added to this is the great work of the R&D department which worked in depth from the point of view of materials and product technologies.
Why is it special?
From the point of view of the concept, the new way of considering containers as architectural volumes, from the production point of view, product technologies have been customized and refined which have led to new Caccaro patents. In particular, innovative solutions have been introduced in the methods of wall hanging and lighting management.
How is it?
Dynamic, architectural, original.
In the designer's words
It is almost a game to combine the elements of the grid to create compositions each time more or less linear or broken down, more or less classic or completely new, compositions free in space or gathered in a single volume.