The No-wall House concept, launched at the Salone del Mobile 2023, is reinterpreted in the new showroom at Villa del Conte in the Padovan area

A corporate showroom must be able to tell the story of a brand's products and identity, capture the attention of customers and guests, arouse interest and curiosity to the point of wanting to admire it in all its spaces. It must be conceived and designed as an environment in which to offer an experience, enhancing the objects on display and helping to build or strengthen the relationship with those who frequent it, working on visual impact, creativity and dynamism. This is what Caccaro has succeeded in doing, transferring the idea of the home without walls to the showroom at the company headquarters in Villa del Conte.

Reorganising space

The new showroom offers a renewed perspective for interior design as the integration of Caccaro systems reorganises space in a fluid and continuous way. The declination of the No-wall House concept emphasises the mix of furniture and architecture, also overcoming a series of structural constraints. The large basement of about 500 square metres was renovated and reorganised thanks to the combination of Freedhome and Architype.

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In the exhibition design, by Monica Graffeo and R&D Caccaro, the furniture draws new walls and hides structural concrete pillars to trace a path of unexpected views and perspectives, in which deep focal points attract the visitor and guide him in his perception of the space.

A green backdrop

Large windows overlooking the cavity open onto a green backdrop that invites relaxation. The changing natural light helps the reading of the rooms, enhancing their materials and finishes. The lighting of the compositions, regulated in intensity, enhances them and accompanies the gaze along focal points that mark out the exhibition route. The greenery also follows the guest inside: green islands of different heights soften the lines of the Caccaro containment systems and improve air quality.

An open design

The layout has been designed to cater for all uses of space and to avoid the feeling of a closed environment. Areas that narrate an idea of home, delineated by the self-supporting and double-sided Caccaro systems, alternate with functional spaces designed to welcome events and visitors. Areas of conviviality relate in a continuity of rhythm and finish that binds the rooms together.

A window on the world

The showroom is also designed as a working space: sound-absorbing panels in the false ceiling improve acoustics, a temperature- and humidity-controlled air recirculation system ensures a comfortable environment in all seasons, a home automation system provides different lighting scenarios to facilitate meetings and ensure green wellbeing thanks to maintenance lighting, a sound system in the various rooms plays music or can amplify voices, and a videoconferencing system with a facial recognition camera makes the showroom Caccaro's window on the world.