Wallover is a system of containers with an architectural cut: extremely flexible in composition and finishes, it was designed by Monica Graffeo

The result of the collaboration between Caccaro and Monica Graffeo, Wallover is a system of vertical and horizontal containers that are freely composed in space, with rhythm and proportions such as to give an "architectural cut" to the spaces of the house, from the living room to the sleeping area.

The configurations to which the elements of the system can give life are infinite: from full-height pillars, also placed in the center of the room, to walls equipped with TV for the living room, from solutions that reinterpret the concept of traditional sideboard to bookcases, containers for the sleeping area and functional compositions for the entrance.

Created to be fully integrated with the Freedhome system, the new system accommodates the range of finishes, lamé, lacquered, wood and glass, and at the same time, is enriched with new interesting possibilities, including the new Kera and Oxid finishes. This was made possible thanks to a new artisanal painting system studied by Caccaro's R&D that gives life to an original effect with the metallic reflections of copper, bronze and iron.

All these details embellish the various elements of Wallover ensuring unprecedented tactile and visual sensations.

Furthermore, thanks to wide-ranging industrial thinking supported by modern technologies of Industry 4.0, the possibilities for dimensional customization are vast. All Caccaro proposals use a single language capable of responding to precise aesthetic and functional needs, thus allowing you to configure infinite solutions to express your personality in all rooms of the house, regardless of the size of the spaces.

At a glance

What is it?
The Wallover system is a system of containers to be freely composed.
What is its design concept?
The design concept of Wallover, developed by Monica Graffeo, is conceived as a system of containers that can be freely finished and composed together as if the walls were contemporary paintings that change thanks to the tension of the proportions, the rhythm, the materials and the light that can be applied to volumes.
How is it manufactured?
Designed and engineered following the DNA of Caccaro: technical innovation, extreme rigor and aesthetic cleanliness, customized hardware, workmanship with attention to the smallest details and controlled by technical personnel and automatic industrial systems. Like all of the brand's solutions, the goal is to last over time without sacrificing elegance.
Where is it made?
It is produced with industrial technology in the company's three Paduan factories. The very high quality standards and attention to detail do not forget the craftsmanship that derives from more than 60 years of activity in the high-end furniture sector.
What skills are required in its making?
Caccaro solutions are the result of a mix of factors: technology, process organization, deep knowledge of market trends, continuous listening to the network of commercial partners in Italy and beyond, obsessive attention to detail.
Why is it special?
The architectural interpretation of Wallover is the essence of the system that allows very personal and distinctive design applications. It is a piece of furniture conceived not as a mere 'container', but as an architectural element that integrates into the spaces of the house to make it welcoming and alive.
How is it?
Personal, dynamic, lovable.
In the designer's words...
"We like the idea of being able to make any wall in the house interesting, even the most 'sad', thanks to this 'lively' system, thanks to its flexibility, adaptability and scenographic ability, thanks to light, rhythm and materials. . It is almost a game to combine the elements to create compositions that are more or less linear or broken down each time, more or less classic or completely new, compositions free in space or gathered in a single volume. "