Stilus by Giuseppe Bavuso for Caleido. Light and warmth for an unexpected piece of furniture

A partnership between Caleido and Giuseppe Bavuso extends and enriches the horizons of the range.  Not just by expanding it, but perfecting and enhancing it with new forms enclosing new functions.  Like the idea of ​​light and warmth nurturing each other, creating an unexpected, innovative and extremely modern piece of furniture.  The product is outstandingly sustainable, made completely of metal, steel  and aluminum, hence naturally 100% recyclable and designed to withstand prolonged use.

It is available in three versions that adapt to the needs of contemporary living. For Stilus Double there is a more powerful version that  reaches 250 watts, fully complying with the eco-design legislation.  With its 24-watt LED light source, the power varies depending on size.

At a glance

What is it?
A radiant element that goes beyond its primary heating function to embody the source of heat and light into a completely original object. 
What is the design concept?
A product interpreted in different typologies and a multiplicity of functions, combining restrained styling with functionality.
How is it made?
It comes in three versions: a self-supporting  half column, two half columns and with wall mount.  Available in recyclable steel and aluminum.  Stilus is equipped with a remote control system, enabling it to be regulated independently, and can be fitted with a personalized coat hook and hanger
How is it produced and where?
The radiator is made at Caleido’s production facility in Flero, Brescia.
How is it manufactured?
This complex product is manufactured to a single set of specifications, the result of a lengthy process, to  control both the electric heating function of the radiator, with daily and weekly programming, and the lighting function.  Studies of the extruded metal showed how to best dissipate the heat emitted by the  LED lights and prevent them from reaching high temperatures
What makes it special?
The product is fully sustainable, being made completely of metal, steel and aluminum, recyclable, guaranteeing a long working life and 100% recycling at the end, representing  the company's environmental sustainability mission
What is it like?
Elegant, skillfully designed, functional
How does the designer describe it?
“The curved shape, by increasing its surface area and favoring heat radiation, is Stilus’s outstanding feature,  visibly expressed by the coupling of a double layer from which a blade of light emerges and can be personalized with a double finish: silver and reflective on the inside and soft and enveloping colors on the outside.  The curved surface, apart from its aesthetic qualities, ensures better performance with a higher yield.  Stilus is conceived as a true floor lamp, combining rigorous design with elegance and functionality.”