Fully modular, the Twin sofa by Calligaris designed by Stefano Spessotto adapts to the changing needs of everyday life

Twin, designed by Stefano Spessotto for Calligaris, interprets with proportion and linearity the idea of a modular sofa. Twin was created to liven up the living room thanks to its horizontal and vertical extensions, represented by the comfort of the high backrests and the practical side chaise longue. Composed of a few elements, it is a product with an essential design, characterized by soft and rounded lines, double rod feet and a slender metal structure that gives a light and modern aesthetic to the seat. An informal, extremely modular piece of furniture, which is also perfectly suited to small living spaces. The model has non-deformable foam padding covered in Tecnoform, fully removable and washable.

At a glance

What is it?
Modular system of upholstered furniture, with modules that are divided into a complete range of elements for every composition need.
What is concept?
Twin is a sofa that combines Italian elegance and a Nordic touch. In fact, it is inspired by the tradition of northern Europe, revisiting it in a Mediterranean key and thus enhancing a concept of balance between opposites.
What is it made of?
Seat comfort is ensured by elastic bands on which the cushion in non-deformable polyurethane foam rests, covered in Tecnoform. The essential feet, in black painted metal, are positioned at the corners of the base units.
How is it made?
It is an artisanal product, made by particularly skilled upholsterers. In fact, usually in upholstered products the fabric is nailed to the structure of the model. In this case, however, the sofa is completely removable
Why is it special?
Calligaris interprets the value of simplicity with this new model with slender and thin backrests that allow optimal comfort with minimal bulk.
How is it?
Attractive, balanced, compact
In the designer's words
"A pleasant aesthetic for a distinctive but extremely modular product."