When design drew the lifestyles of the future

Presented  for the first time in 1958, Bǎrge Mogensen’s BM0865 Daybed has been relaunched by Carl Hansen & Son as part of an ever richer collection of pieces by the renowned Danish architect and designer. It is an example of Mogensen’s “construction furniture”: durable furniture to add and adapt over time in response to the changing needs and situations of life. This philosophy is evident in its ability to be the protagonist, alone or in a group as part of larger installations. It can be used as a cot, sofa, bed or chaise-longue depending on how many elements are grouped together. Its evident versatility makes it ideal for both the living room and bedroom, while its comfortable form is perfect for well-being in any space.

Here’s how Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, describes it:  “The Mogensen Daybed is an incredible example of the architect’s free-ranging philosophy and his perception of the optimal furniture for relaxing. Its lines, classic, rounded and linear, adapt perfectly to the Carl Hansen & Son collections. I have no doubt that the Daybed will become a favorite place to sit and chat – it could even lead to a friendly fight to gain the best seats!”

Made of oak, the Daybed has refined and elegant details which, together with its sturdy construction, a tribute to the magnificence of the oak trees from which it is made, are typical elements of Mogensen’s craftsmanship and careful detailing.

At a glance

What is it?
The reissue of a daybed from 1958, a product with a simple and skillfully conceived design, with headrests, cylindrical armrests and cushions to ensure physical comfort.
What is the design concept?
The BM0865 Daybed was a response to the emergence of a hectic lifestyle in 1958. The idea was to guide the home environment towards greater personal well-being and relaxation.
How it is made structurally and from what materials?
It is made of solid oak. In particular, heartwood was used, the inner part of the trunks, compact and free from imperfections.
How it is produced and where?
It has elegant groove and tongue joints, elongated legs and sturdy construction: Daybed BM0865 is a perfect example of Mogensen’s craftsmanship and the care he lavished on the details. It is produced at the company’s facility in Denmark.
How is it manufactured?
As with all Carl Hansen & Son products, there is a very strong craft component in the production process.
What is it like?
Elegant, solid, iconic.