Sengu Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina. Folding backs and armrests, unexpected combinations, natural materials and colors

A pleasurably comfortable sofa that stands out with its generous volumes and soft lines, interpreted in a variety of far from conventional compositions enabling you to rediscover intimate and convivial living.

Sengu Sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina, embodies a strong allusion to Japanese imagery evident above all in the lowered position of the seat and the wooden feet. The name Sengu derives from a well-known Japanese ceremony – the periodic reconstruction of the Ise Shrine – which invites the new generations to rediscover and  above all rebuild the values ​​of the past. It is notable for its unexpected combinations, simple geometries, generous padding, natural materials and colors. And for the details that distinguish it: the ergonomic qualities of the seat are enhanced by a soft fold in the backrests and armrests featuring elegant external quilting, repeated in the cushions of the backrest, which become a distinctive graphic sign. This detail is handcrafted by Cassina's staff. Attention to the environment is reflected in the 100% recycled fiber inserted in the padding of the cushions, created thanks to studies by the Cassina LAB (a collaboration between the Cassina Research and Development Center and of the Milan Polytechnic). The removable cover comes in leather or fabric from the Cassina collections.

What is it?
Sengu Sofa is the new model designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina, devised as a comfortable island of relaxation in the living area.
What is the design concept?
The sofa stands out by its generous volumes and soft lines. Sengu Sofa embodies a strong allusion to the Japanese imagination, so dear to Charlotte Perriand and recurrent in the Cassina Collection.
How is it made?
The feet of the sofa are in Canaletto walnut or black stained oak, supporting a tubular steel frame with elastic straps. The seat cushion is in flexible differentiated-density polyurethane foam and 100% recycled fiber. The cushions resting on the back are also in 100% recycled blown fiber.
How is it produced and where?
Sengu Sofa is an expression of authentic Italian styling and production by Cassina in Meda.
How is it manufactured?
Industrial production encounters Cassina’s craftworkers; especially in some important manual details of the upholstery (the stitching and stippled quilting).
What makes it special?
The contemporary feel of the design also appears in the construction of the sofa itself and in the materials used: 100% recycled fiber is used in the cushions and seats, the result of studies conducted by Cassina LAB.
What is it like?
Sustainable, comfortable, versatile.
How does the designer describe it?
"Why Sengu? The name alludes to the rituals of cyclical reconstruction of Japanese temples, in which simplicity is a necessity. In this project I was not interested in creating a strong formal dialectic. I was looking for a simple message for a welcoming new design. Sengu's strength lies in being visually and immediately comfortable. In the design we have also riffed on modularity, creating convivial ‘embraces’ in the different compositions.”