DiscO by Catellani & Smith. Reinterpretation in a tech key of a design classic

"We have all the light needed to overcome the darkness.” The mission of Catellani & Luce, founded by Enzo Catellani in 1989, is clear and bright, yesterday as today, in its facility at the gates of Bergamo, where the lamps are handcrafted. But with a keen eye for technology. As in the case of the new DiscO lamp di Catellani&Smith, the reinterpretation of an original halogen model now transformed thanks to Cob (Chip on board) last-generation LED technology to make it low voltage, high lighting efficiency and dimmable. The principal innovation is the “tray” housing the new light source. The shape of the screen, originally circular, has also been revisited in an oval form to optimize the reflective surface of this indirect light lamp. The DiscO screen can be produced in a white finish or in gold-, silver- or copper-colored leaf. Essential or precious, to better adapt to the different identities of a contemporary ambiance.

At a glance

What is it?
An indirect light ceiling lamp.
What is the design concept?
Equipped with a latest-generation LED light source, the new DiscO transforms the original circular shade into an oval form – evoked in the name of the lamp itself, in the final capital ‘O’ – which makes it possible to optimize the reflective surface.
How is it made and with what materials?
It consists of an oval screen in iron measuring 75 x 50 cm, available in a white finish or covered in gold-, silver- or copper-colored leaf. The distinctive cone, positioned in the center of the oval, is made of nickel-plated brass, while the tray below is in polished aluminum.
How is it produced and where?
Like all Catellani & Smith products, new DiscO is developed and manufactured with a craft-based process in its workshops at Villa di Serio, a few kilometers from Bergamo.
What makes it special?
Its added value lies in the technological component developed for the transformation from the original halogen model to new DiscO equipped with a last generation low voltage Cob (Chip on board) LED, dimmable and with high efficiency illumination. The main innovation is the tray housing the light source. This element, which performed the function of reflector of the halogen source, today becomes a heat sink.
What is it like?
Innovative, minimalist, efficient.