Icosofà, a sinuous sofa born from the long synergy, wholly made in Tuscany, between Ceccotti and Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni and Ceccotti: an enduring partnership that, growing out of their shared local roots, rests on an idea of design capable of renewing the suggestions of the past through a cultivated, refined and purely contemporary aesthetic. Within this horizon lies the firm’s latest innovative product, the Icosofà divan, so named in homage to the great architect and designer Ico Parisi. Under the banner of a great formal balance, Icosofà displays the sinuous lines and rounded corners typical of a certain strand of American fifties design, together with a strong compositional rigor close to the rationalist styling of the Scandinavian world.

Its curvilinear forms enable the sofa to “embrace” its guests, drawing them closer, embodying an idea of living that enhances sociability. The original curved structure, skillfully hand-crafted in solid American walnut, forms the link between the high, restful back, seemingly suspended in mid-air, and the soft seat with a single, very deep cushion. Icosofà is available in two models: the asymmetrical version has a seat of double depth, while the symmetrical model, produced in two different lengths, has a seat of single depth. The feet are made of brass. The sofa has given rise to the idea of the Icolounge armchair, whose compact size enables it to fit into any type of setting.

At a glance

What is it?
A sofa that comes in two versions: symmetrical and asymmetrical. The symmetrical model is produced in two different sizes (233 cm and 275 cm long); the asymmetric sofa is 275 cm long and has a seat available in two different depths.
What is the design concept?
Organic forms and compositional rigor create a welcoming sofa that fosters sociability.
How is it made?
The sofa is made from solid American walnut, available in four colors: natural, brown, dark and moka. The shell is in padded multilayer poplar wood and the feet are in brass.
How is it produced and where?
Icosofà is made in Tuscany and produced at the Ceccotti Collezioni headquarters in Cascina.
How is it manufactured?
From the handcrafting of wood backed up (in some phases) with machinery.
What makes it special?
The uniqueness of the material is certainly a distinctive feature of the product. The timber is brought from controlled plantations and selected three years in advance to allow for careful treatment.
How is it?
Welcoming, elegant, sensuous.
In the designer’s own words
It is a product of great impact, in which the thick seat cushion relates closely to the suspended backrest, supported by the solid wooden structure, skillfully fashioned as only Ceccotti knows how.