App: the new collection of countertop washbasins is versatile, elegant and minimal

One of the main features of App is the very fine thicknesses that convey an impression of lightness in a collection of countertop washbasins. In functional terms, they also make it possible to exploit the potential of the basin to the full even in the most compact dimensions. The minimum rendering of the profiles is the result of Ceramica Flaminia's manufacturing capacity, with experience in producing ceramics that dates from the 1950s.

Color is a constituent and indispensable element of the project: in glossy ceramic App is available in black and white, while in the matt version it comes in nine color variants that range from natural milk tones, enhancing the softness of the forms, to the raw colors of clay, from deep petrol shades to the three-dimensional intensity of Rubens.

If color gives it character, the soft lines that design the two available shapes – one oval and one perfectly round – are essential, minimal signs that make the App washbasin collection versatile and suitable for bathrooms in both homes and hotels.

At a glance

What is it ?
A collection of two countertop washbasins designed for the home and the contract sector.
What is the design concept?
App grew out of the need to have a flexible product, suitable for various furnishing contexts.
How is it made and with what materials?
The washbasins, one perfectly round and the other oval, are made of sanitary ceramic. The main feature is the very thin edges.
Where is it produced?
The washbasins are produced strictly in Italy, in the factories at Civita Castellana, in the province of Viterbo.
What skills are needed to manufacture it?
Understanding of ceramic materials enables Ceramica Flaminia to reach high quality standards, alternating highly technological production phases with craftwork, where experience is fundamental.
Three adjectives to describe it.
Versatile, elegant, minimal.