The new collection of ceramic coffee tables designed for Cerasarda by the Italian studio is a tribute to the territory in which the company is rooted: Sardinia

An intriguing mix of volumes – first inverted and then linear – and materials – raw in some cases, glazed in others – describes the new collection of ceramic tables designed by the studio for Cerasarda.

In an elegant play between shapes and finishes, with a typically Mediterranean color palette, the collection is made up of eight elements that express the character traits of the territory in which the brand is rooted: Sardinia. This is also confirmed by the names chosen for the protagonists, which draw inspiration from the most famous Sardinian towns: Orosei, Bitta, Pevero, San Teodoro, Porto Rotondo and Maddalena.

The creative signature is by the Emilian studio, which in addition to enhancing the company's roots, has given the line an elegant decorative character with a clear contemporary declination. The plus: each reference in the collection is customizable and can be redesigned to measure, according to the customer's needs.

The collaboration between and Cerasarda

The new collection of coffee tables is the result of the collaboration between – the Reggio Emilia-based architecture firm headed by Giulia Delpiano, architect, and Corrado Conti, designer - and the Cerasarda brand of Gruppo Romani, which stands out for its strong artisan imprint kept alive even in the face of an important industrial production.

The brand's dedication to craftsmanship can also be seen in the attention paid to the company's internal divisions: in Cerasarda there is a particular area dedicated to hand-painted product lines, called the 'Atelier'.

The inspiration that meets the initial request

Precisely with this assumption – that is to wanting to bring out the artisan inclination that has always distinguished Cerasarda – and the request to create a collection that is well suited to both the contract universe and residential and of hotellerie, designed the eight elements inspired by Sardinia.

Architect Giulia Delpiano recounts: “The company's request was to have in its catalog products designed for the contract sector and in particular for the hotel industry in the function of coffee table and bedside tables.

Instead, the goal was to create objects with an Italian and above all Sardinian soul, which used local colors and styles and at the same time had a contemporary appearance, to take a step forward in modernity while enhancing the link with tradition ”.

"The desire to leave terracotta quarters exposed - adds Corrado Conti - serves precisely to underline the craftsmanship of the production process".

Sardinia in the world

The colors - orange, white, black, terracotta, mustard and peacock - together with the clay worked on the lathe by skilled Italian craftsmen, immediately identify the Mediterranean soul of the collection , spokesman of Sardinian know-how and aesthetics in the world.

In fact, the line was designed to respond to the variety of requests from clients, planners and designers from different and varied geographical areas and design cultures, providing the possibility of furnishing different types of environments.

The collection was officially introduced on the occasion of Milan Design Week, when the studio presented with Cerasarda within the context of Design Re-generation of INTERNI, the creative installation Elementa.

The protagonist of the project was the analysis of man's regenerative activity in the context in which he finds himself living. As creators of the project, Delpiano and Conti perceived and expressed the connection between the production methods and the materials used by these products which are the emblem of the relationship between the four elements: water, air, earth and fire.

“On this material basis – explains Giulia Delpiano – we went on to identify the chromatic characteristics of the four elements: red/fire, turquoise/water, blue/air and green/earth.”