Benu Talent by Camilla Fischbacher for Christian Fischbacher. A very soft velvet, made with yarn from recycled PET bottles

For 10 years, Christian Fischbacher has been developing and making decorative and furnishing fabrics starting from recycled PET bottles and oddments of fabrics from the fashion industry. And his 2020 product follows this same philosophy of eco-sustainability.

The new product is a velvet, Benu Talent, designed for curtains or coverings and 70% produced from recycled “perPETual” yarn made from used PET bottles.

Using a unique technological process, the yarn is recovered from PET bottles, subjected to strict quality controls, dyed, woven and finished in an ideal way for the purpose. Seventeen 500 ml bottles are collected, crushed, melted and spun into new yarns of continuous polyester filaments to make every meter of fabric. The weave also uses recycled yarns from the NewLife brand. Both manufacturers are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified. A complex process of development has made it possible to optimize the properties of Benu Talent velvet to satisfy all the most important functional requirements for the market, making it eco-sustainable, appropriate for outdoor use and flame resistant. In addition it is incredibly soft and possesses outstanding aesthetic qualities. For Camilla Fischbacher, art director and initiator of the Benu® collection, it has been a cultural revolution from the start: seeing used plastic bottles not as waste but as raw material.

At a glance

What is it?
Benu Talent is a fire retardant velvet suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used as a curtain fabric as well as for upholstery and comes in no fewer than 30 colors. Its properties make it suitable for both the contract and residential sectors.
What is the design concept?
It is an important textile innovation that has its origin in the recycling of PET bottles.
How is it made?
Benu Talent velvet consists mainly of “perPETual” yarns, derived from depolymerized PET bottles and used as “virgin” PES. These yarns make it possible to obtain the distinctively soft surface of this velvet.
How is it produced and where?
To create a soft velvet, the yarn is colored in special machines and shaped through a process of brushing and heating. The spinning system simultaneously weaves two W-shaped layers, which are then cut with a sharp blade, exactly in the center, directly on the frame.
How is it manufactured?
70% of the yarn used for Benu Talent velvet comes from used PET bottles. A complex development process has made it possible to optimize the properties of Benu Talent velvet to satisfy all the functional requisites important to the market: eco-sustainability, outdoor use and flame resistance.
What makes it special?
This high quality recycled velvet is resistant to weather and light, which makes it suitable for both indoors and out, while being fireproof it can also be used in public places. Finally, its extreme softness to the touch is noteworthy.
What is it like?
Eco-sustainable, innovative, elegant.