Cannaregio is the collection of indoor and outdoor furniture, for residential and contract use designed by Gordon Guillaumier

Sinuous profiles, soft shapes and harmonious dimensions for a family of furnishings with a versatile soul designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Cimento Collection by Cimento. A line made up of dining tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and poufs that takes its name from one of the liveliest districts of the lagoon city: Cannaregio. Expressive strength, stage presence and lightness, conferred byCimento® - an innovative patented material that uses over 90% mineral aggregates mixed with a cementitious binder - distinguish Cannaregio furnishings designed and developed for the living and relaxation area. Iconic pieces, to be used freely, inside and outside the home, become interpreters of new languages and new needs. Inspired by the beauty of Venice, the collection interacts well with both the more contemporary and the more classic environments. The soft out-door version is designed to rediscover the value of outdoor areas, escape from closed places and enjoy life in the open air, whether in an urban garden, a terrace overlooking the sea or a veranda in the hills.

At a glance

What is it?
A family of furniture for interiors and exteriors, for residential use and for the contract world (showroom, lounge and hospitality areas), consisting of: dining table, chair, armchair, two-seater sofa, pouf. Sculptural elements but with low weight, which become the protagonists of the space.
What its design concept?
The harmony of shapes, combined with lightness, is the guiding concept of the new furniture line. The Cannaregio family is inspired by the colors and shades of the Venice lagoon and at the same time by innovation and the future.
How is it made and where?
It is produced in Italy, at the Cimento site in San Donà di Piave (Venice), with controlled processes combined with artisanal kwow how. Cimento® - an innovative patented material that employs over 90% mineral aggregates mixed with a cementitious binder - applied on different substrates, it is able to give the products the solid and material appearance typical of cementitious material furnishings. Furthermore, in its blend it uses production waste from large quarries, minimizing the waste of non-renewable resources and protecting the natural heritage.
What makes it special?
The Cannaregio furniture family, like all the furnishings in the Collection, stands out for the expressive strength and concreteness of Cimento® combined with the lightness of the material. The flexibility of the product and the wide color palette allow you to combine shape and color to create design products capable of furnishing any environment with simple lines and character. Compared to products in the same category, Cimento® furnishing elements have a strong visual impact with a decidedly reduced weight.
In the owner words of the designer
This family of furnishings and accessories was born from the idea of hollowed out monolithic forms, transformed into sensual sculptures that follow the rules of craftsmanship of the Cimento® product. With its almost velvety tactile effect, the concrete skin highlights the softness of the lines, softening the hardness of the classic concrete furniture. Finally, the use of two-color coatings creates a play of contrast in the volumes that makes pure forms vibrate.