Chair, armchair, bench: Torcello is the indoor and outdoor collection designed by Defne Koz and Marco Susani

Among the novelties for 2020 from the Cimento Collection, the set of furnishings and accessories by the Cimento brand, the Torcello family of seating is the brainchild of the designer couple Marco Susani and Defne Koz. They drew inspiration for it from the solid and reassuring forms of traditional concrete furnishings, embodying them in three types of seating and a palette of hues derived from the soft powdery colors of the Venetian lagoon. Torcello comprises a classic-sized chair, a lounge chair and a bench, all of which can be placed either indoors or out. The material used for the upholstery is Cimento, an innovative technical compound of mineral aggregates mixed with a cementitious binder. It has the characteristic aesthetic and finish of exposed concrete, but is lighter and has improved functional qualities. Cimento leather is versatile and adapts to curves with a small radius. The sense of solidity conveyed by the forms of Torcello chairs contrasts positively with their lightness, impressing its character on all interiors, classic or contemporary, public or private. The chair lends itself to being placed at table, thanks to its lightweight structure. The inner structure of the seating is made of FSC certified wood.

At a glance

What is it?
A family of seats (chairs, armchairs, benches) for indoors and out. It is perfect for those seeking unique, sculptural furniture with a distinctive character.
What is the design concept?
It is a collection of iconic seating, with simple and archetypal forms, inspired by concrete outdoor furniture.
How is it made? 
The structure is in multilayer wood then covered with Cimento, an exclusive registered compound that uses over 90% mineral aggregates mixed with a cementitious binder.
How is it produced and where?
It is handcrafted in Italy at the Cimento production facility at San Donà di Piave (Venice).
How is it manufactured?
Production is craft-based, but with controlled processes. The structure of the furniture in multilayer is fashioned by skilled woodworkers and then covered with Cimento “leather”.
What makes it special?
Compared to products in the same category in cementitious materials, Torcello seating looks solid but, thanks to its structure and the peculiar features of the covering, they have a markedly reduced weight.
How is it?
Iconic, familiar, innovative.
In the designers’ own words
“The three types of Torcello seats – chair, armchair, bench – share an iconic language. They are inspired by the familiar forms of concrete benches and riff on the contrast between the massive proportions, conveying a positive sense of solidity, and the lightness of the internal structure that enables the series to be used, for instance in the smaller model, as a table chair.”