Sleeping long and well also depends on the choice of quality furnishing accessories, starting from the mattress and pillows. Here, then, are the tips for purchasing and a showcase with the products in which to invest

"Sleep is a sort of innocence and purification", wrote the Swiss philosopher Henri-Frédéric Amiel in the mid-nineteenth century.

Neuroscience confirms: during the hours of deep sleep our brain has the opportunity to implement a beneficial cleaning process, explained a study conducted by the University of Boston and published in the prestigious journal Science.

The fact is that in today's frenetic and hyper-connected society, more and more people are living with insomnia problems.

In addition to nutrition and lifestyle in general, good sleep also and above all depends on the choice of mattress and pillow. Yes, but how to ensure the purchase of quality models, capable of truly guaranteeing comfort and well-being? We did a little investigation.

Advice for choosing the best mattress

Let's immediately dispel a myth: the ideal mattress does not exist. Or rather, there is one perfect for each of us. When it comes to buying a mattress, in fact, you always need to start from your needs.

For example, do you have an average build or are you overweight? Do you tend to sweat a lot at night or are you often cold? Do you sleep alone or as a couple? Moving from these questions (and related answers) is fundamental.

Universally valid advice: take the time to go to a store specializing in mattresses, talk to an expert, ask all the relevant questions and test the various mattresses that will be indicated to you. No to hasty purchases, perhaps further accelerated by a super discount.

Generally speaking, the mattress should be neither too firm nor too soft. If you are a couple, consider the option of placing two mattresses on the same base: in this way each partner will be able to choose the model best suited to their needs.

On the materials side, today they are in great demand in memory foam mattresses. They have an undeniable advantage, namely high adaptability, offering support and comfort.

Furthermore, these models tend to remain in good condition for around 10-15 years, as long as they are turned frequently, sanitized and aired often.

If you turn over and over during your sleep, consider the latex mattresses option, with a particularly elastic consistency. Latex is also the material tailor-made for allergy sufferers, as it is resistant to mites, mold and fungi, as well as having hypoallergenic properties.

Sweet dreams pillow: here are the essential features

Good sleep also comes from choosing an excellent pillow. Surely you will have found yourself in a hotel bed equipped with a very thin and soft pillow (practically non-existent) or very high and swollen (a kind of unmanageable ball).

The right pillow to rest well and wake up without aches and contractures must first of all be easily washable and hypoallergenic, given that it remains in contact with the face for many hours every night.

Choosing an ergonomic cushion with memory foam material (for example natural latex) is smart, because it adapts to the position in which you sleep, ensuring the right support. As with the mattress, when purchasing a pillow it is also important to review your sleeping habits.

For example, if you tend to sleep with your stomach facing upwards, the pillow should be not too high and rather soft, ensuring the alignment of the body (in particular the spine). Those who sleep curled up on their side will prefer a compact pillow of medium thickness. It must be said that today there are practical customizable cushions on the market: thanks to strategic zips it is possible to remove or add padded components, obtaining the perfect tailor-made cushion.

Mattresses and pillows: 5 top quality products to improve sleep

1. X-BIO Coolmax

A certified mattress to guarantee quality rest, suitable for back pain, neck pain and circulatory problems. 27 cm high, it is available in a hybrid version with pocket springs (semi-rigid) and in a memory fresh version (rigid). Note the patented technology for optimal heat and humidity management. By Buoninfante.

2. Signed Koala Sleep

Pillow in hypoallergenic natural fibre characterized by a soft texture. This pillow adapts perfectly to every sleeping position, giving comfort and offering support to the delicate neck area. The padding is completely natural and biodegradable.

3. The fiber pillows branded Cinelli Piumini

Perfect for those looking for an anti-static and anti-mite pillow. All fiber pillows are checked and sanitized, non-allergic, and can be easily washed in the washing machine, without the need for a spin cycle.

4. Gel Plus mattress Emma Elite

It takes advantage of the patented AirGrid technology, synonymous with relaxation, comfort and freshness. Breathable and refreshing, it stands out for its cell shape, capable of increasing the passage of air and dissipating heat, maintaining the right temperature throughout the night.

5. In natural latex, Kipli Premium

It has a covering in organic cotton and Tencel, all without the presence of any chemical treatment or synthetic foam. With anti-mite and antibacterial action, it is compatible with all types of bed base and has a medium-stiff consistency.